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The fjords of Norway the 2023 adventure!

Oppdatert: 7. feb. 2023

I have a new dream! And the dream is to get back to the North with a twist.

I have made a list of 22 points I want to visit

The 10 longest fjords of Norway.

The 8 cardinal outer points of Norway both outer landmass and the outer islands

And 4 points I want to explore more!

The distance will be 2935nm/5435km almost dubble from a normal Norway challenge so I hope to get an early start in early March 2023 by the Swedish border.

Norways 10 longest fjords Sognefjorden 226km Storesvalene–Skjolden

Hardangerfjorden 180km Bømlahuk–Odda

Trondheimsfjorden 130km Agdenes fyr–Hjellebotn

Porsangerfjorden 120km Helnes fyr–Brennelv

Nordfjord 110km Klovningen–Loen

Oslofjorden 100km Fulehuk fyr–Bonn

Boknafjorden 96km Kvitsøy fyr–Hylen

Varangerfjorden 90km Kiberg–Varangerbotn

Storfjorden 86km Flisnes–Geiranger

Lyngen 82km Nordklubben–Storfjord kirke

Mainland Norway

Mainland Norways outer islands

And finally my 4 spots I wish to explore!

Kannesteinen This particular sculpture in stone, shaped by the nature itself, stand in high-water mark in the villages Oppedal on the island Vågsøy. After roughened this 3 meter-high stone for thousands of years shows the power of nature itself as the most accomplished artist. Kannesteinen is not as spectacular when you see it from the seaside, but from the country side, this is a theme that is host to attach to your camera. The entry to the stone is made much easier in the later, with tracks and wooden planks. I misses this really cool spot on my earlier trips but I hope to fix that this year! Tro/Rødøya

My favourite island in Norway

I didn't know about this island when I started my 2019 trip.

I remerberd that i was really tired and looking for a campsite but I feelt a energy drawing me to a island far away. As I get closer I see a red top surrounded by the greenest island in the contry!

Here I had my best night sleep and some of the most welcoming people along the coast! The locals told me old stories of old Norse creatures that live on the island taking care of lost girls in the night just to mention one.

Lots of old-time petroglyphs dating 1000s of years back so the island have a old history!

I will return for a good night sleep, explore more of the island and see the amazing people again.

Værøy and Røst In 2019 i made it all the way out to Moskness straumen west in the Lofoten islands. Lofoten is one of Norways most famous places and with good reasons! I gave myself 2 weeks in Lofoten in 2019 so I am happy with my exploration here but I do feel I missed the outer islands so I hope for good weather when I get to Bodø so I can cross straight over Vestfjorden.

Part 19, Still in Lofoten, Amazing hikes, people and beaches! ( Vesterålen and Senja I hope that the weather will allow me to go on the outside of Vesterålen to Andøya and continuing over and on the outside of Senja. The three other times i passed here I had to go on the safer and more protected inside of the islands but I really hope for calm days to explore more. This route is in total 2935nm/5435km and I hope to finish all of it in 2023.

I am also planning to spend 2024 exploring the barents sea so whatever i missed in 23 i can finnish the next year.

I will keep posting photos and video with updates along the way and a book will also be in the making!

I will keep picking trash along my way! Everything i find in the sea as i kayak and every camp site will be cleand by the time i leave my camp.

If you are one of the magical pepole that pick trash from nature then i hope i meet you along the way so do not hesitate to write!

Ymir from Norse will once again be my kayak along the coast and with the help of my eqipment team Norse, Aktiv as, LevelSix, Aquabound and Silva help with equpment will make this an other epic adventure!

Hopfully i will add a cople of other companys to this list by the time i start in martch!

If you have a copany that want to help out feel free to send me an mail to

In 2019 and 2021 i uesd my tent for most of my camping but it gave me a lot of problems with broken tent pools and zippers.

in 2022 i left my tent and just uesd the sky, tarp and my hammoc from Ticket to the moon for 90 days along the Swedish and Danish coast and i am planning to do the same for 2023!

Lots of Love

Joachim Larssen

The ShibbyTraveler

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