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Hello everyone!

At the start of May I will start my next adventure!

I will kayak the coast of Norway from the border of Sweden to The border of Russia (or the other way if the weather goods decide it). Estimated distance will be from 3200km to 4300km depending on different routes. I’m estimating that I will need around 3-5 months to finish.  This has been my dream since I finished kayaking Thailand’s west coast two years ago!

And this time I have a kayak Sponsor! Welcome to Norse Kayaks of Norway! They are sending me the kayak Ymir to keep me safe on the voyage!

Ymir was one of four of the ancestors of all jötnar and born when fire and ice met. He was killed by Odin and his brothers. From his body they made the earth where humans live.

On the way I hope to meet Freedivers that want to train and exchange experience, other kayakers that want to join for parts or all of the journey. Good people that want to join me cleaning areas where I camp for plastic and other trash and join me by the camp fire! If you want to join the plastic movement or start your own, have a look at the Plastic Pirates on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2308543432509576/?ref=br_rs

I will bring my GoPro and computer so I can take photos, make videos and restart my blog from my last kayaking trip. Here is a little video that I made at the end of the Thailand trip:


My last kayak was named after the Norwegian shield maiden Lagertha. She was a Norwegian Viking warrior and farmer, now known thru the TV-series Vikings. This time I have chosen the name of a strong Norwegian woman named Ida Marie for her courage to stand up publicly against bullies that have tormented her all through school and hopefully will help others in her situation.

And to all of you out there being bullied, it will get better! Most of the people that bullied me have become better people and have apologized to me. Just stay strong and don’t let them break you! And to all you out there:  If you see someone being bullied, do something or you are almost as bad as the bully!


You can find me on Instagram and YouTube under the name ShibbyTraveler. My blog is named ShibbyTraveler.com!

I just returned from Asia where I was training freediving with WeFreedive. An amazing crew and I miss them a lot! I will for sure return one day to train some more. I left Phuket as a PADI Freediver Instructor and AIDA level 4! I will highly recommend WeFreedive to anyone that want to learn safe freediving! https://wefreedive.com/

After this trip I will start teaching and competing in freediving and I’m also interested in sponsors here! There is also one competition in Egypt in April I’m interested in going to but the kayaking has first priority.

Sponsors! The plan is to work up the money for the trip myself, but sponsors will make everything much easier. I can get better equipment, focus more on training for the trip, and I can make more stops and see more places so I can show of more of beautiful Norway.

The equipment I need: Kayak with necessary equipment, tent, sleeping bag, clothes, dry suite, gas burner, transport to start point and food. I will be catching some of my own food by freediving as well! Estimated cost 30.000-40.000nok

Some upgrades would be very useful: A cellphone is probably smart to have (I don’t have one now.) A tablet or computer for editing. (The one I have now doesn't work to well.) I hope to get a second GoPro (this time gopro7) to make better videos and photos. Estimated cost 0-15.000nok

So what can you get back for sponsoring a trip like this? That will depend on what we agree on, but what I can offer could be a logo on equipment, clothes or blog. It’s also possible to get the rights to use photos and videos for public promotion. Courses in freediving for people in the company as a price for a good job? There are many possibilities!

You can sponsor by a given amount, but I’m also interested in any one that want to give an amount for each nautical mile or kilometer I do by kayak. Or maybe per kg trash my helpers and I manage to gather on the way?

Next I want to give a Promise to sponsors and supporters. If you sponsor in any way, all that is left over from the trip will go to similar projects that will help clean the ocean. Either by physically doing it or make people aware of this huge problem. Other things that are close to my heart are the sharks and wales and all other living things in the ocean that need our protection! All expenses will be documented and made public on the blog.

This post got a little longer then I was planning, thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon!

Lots of Love

Joachim Larssen the ShibbyTraveler