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The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects.

This section looks at pollution of our ocean and how it affects the life there.

We also look into what YOU can do?

Here you got two glasses, one is filled with jellyfish and the other with Plastic! 

Now imagine you are a hungry turtle, even in perfect clear water it’s hard to see the difference! 

Now I want you to think about the afterlife no matter religion, do you think that your god will let you inn to paradise after what we have done to the earth?

Do you think he will be ok with you saying, well I didn’t throw that much and I recirculated most of it.

Even we all know that plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and even by that time it has become micro plastic that animals eat.

Now next time you have a drink do you really need that plastic straw? If you need a straw then maybe you can bring your own metal straw?

Get your metal straw here:


The German submarine U-864 was torpedoed by an English submarine outside Fedje in 1945 with 65 tons of mercury on board. The submarine was found in 2003. Mercury is converted to methyl mercury by degradation in the environment, and then migrates into the food chain. Shellfish and fish will over time store the environmental toxin, which will grow higher in the food chain. Methylmercury is harmful to organisms, and 100% is absorbed into the body from food containing the environmental toxin. There is no lower limit to the harmfulness of methyl mercury.

There are many indications that U-864 contains radioactive material, uranium oxide. The submarine must be raised and the mercury must be removed from the marine environment. The bottom must be sucked off to bring in leaked mercury. Covering is not an option, as we do not have control over a cover because of. Possible earthquakes and extinction, as well as the construction will weather over time. Concrete and reinforcement do not have eternal durability.

Raising is the best for the environment. We must pay attention to future generations in a longer perspective, then it is a good investment to remove the pollution from the marine environment. This cost can afford today, as Norway has enough wealth to take the job.

A whole town of heroes! Everyone in this town do there part to clean and go back to the old ways! You don’t need plastic in your life it’s just laziness, every time I use plastic I feel bad but I can guaranty you all I use very little one time plastic, I’m the only one I have seen that drink coconuts strait from the coconut haha and people find it entertaining. Lead by example and others will follow. (not all but some) and that's how it starts!

One up on a time there was native Mayans living here.

Then some few brave adventurers settle here in what was jungle.

Then came the backpackers and it was still good!

Then the charter truism came and resorts started to pop up.

Once old holly places are now where resorts dump shit straight into the cenotes.

And plastic is being dumped to landfills in the middle of the jungle.


This is from the sea shepherd and video from National Geographic.          it's not abnormal to find plastic in dead marine animals now a day.


Sea Shepherd Australia - Marine Debris Campaign

Like This Page · November 21, 2018 ·


On Monday, November 19, a 9.5m dead sperm whale washed up on a beach in Indonesia.

6kgs of rubbish was found in its stomach, much of it was plastic.

Are we going to continue to allow manufacturers to profit from a product that is killing marine life by buying single use items which are used for a few minutes but pollute and harm these gracious gentle giants?

Pollution is a killer and we have the choice to say NO and go reusable!

#StemtheTide #EveryPieceCounts #CompassionorConvenience Sea Shepherd Global Paul Watson Jeff Hansen

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