Joachim Larssen son of Trond and Bente.

Born in Arendal, Aust-Agder, Norway and the World! 14 June 1986

Also known as: Jay, Jokke, Jokka, Thor, Ragnar, Jesus, Crazy

Challenges: Dyslectic, Psoriasis and a dreamer with too much energy!

Work experience: Paper boy, Chef, Beer expert, Beer and Cocktail Bartender, Waiter, Purser, Sales, Customer Service, Manager, Dive master, handyman

Courses: IMO 36 Course, Crowd and crisis, Defibrillator course, First Aid course, AIDA freediver level4, Apnea International, PADI Master freediver and PADI Dive Master, boat license up to 15 meter

Goals in life: Smile collector, do good, travel, learn, listen, be a friend of all living creatures and do my part to save them, save the world from plastic, GIVE LOVE!

Traveled: Europe, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Grease, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria,Czech Republic, England, Wales, Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Africa, Egypt, North America, Mexico and Belize