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I'm so happy that I got Norse kayaks with me on this amazing journey,

I feel blessed by the goods!


Level Six sends me there brand new Odin drysuit and welcomes me as their new Ambassador. with allfather on journey nothing can stop me!

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Silva are also helping out again with navigation and drybags from resykeld plastic and if you are a long distance kayaker you probably know how important it is to keep your equipment dry.

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My employer since I kayaked Norway the last time is Flasken, this is a restaurant that specialises in smal conserts and good food! Flasken have offered to help out so I can be safer on my trip with my new Garmin inreach mini. This will let me call for help with a push of a button and let you all see where I am along the coast. Link here!


NBT specialises in car transportation and thanks to them i managed to upgrade tecnical eqipment so i can record and edit along the way.