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Here i go again 🙏

Hello Everyone ❤

I have made the decision to kayak Norway again this summer!

The 2019 experience was so magical that i need to do it again!

Since it looks like the pandemic will continue for a while. I have decided to postpone the kayaking trip around Sri Lanka until things have started stabling.

I will start on Hvaler just by the border to Sweden the 1th of April.

I hope to reach the Russian border by the end of June and I will then desde if I stop the trip, travel to Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja and just explore or see if I can make it all the way back to where I started before winter returns.

You are welcome to join me on a part of the trip or joine my camp along the coast but you will have to cone to where I camp/kayak 🙏🏿

I will keep on picking trash along the way, visit amazing places and people (keeping my distance). This time I will also edit video/photo along the way and post to YouTube, FB, Instagram and my blog. I will also have more focus on showing you more about equipment and my diet along the way.

This time I have more experience after taking some kayaking courses with DNT in beautiful Tjøme

We also hade some amazing trips in the Oslo fjord last summer with my beautiful kayaking partner that always helps out with editing. You are one of the most important in my life Merethe. Thank you!

I am also so lucky to have Norse sea kayak and as my kayak sponsor for the third year 🙏

I feel so confidentin in my Ymir kayak and I can't see myself kayaking Norway again with anyone else!

And a big thank to Raymond for driving me again to pick up my kayak in Bergen.

I have also become a Level six ambassador and i am looking forward to use there drysuit Odin. The fun fact here is that at the beginning of time Odin and his brothers killed Ymir and usted his body to create the earth and his blood is the sea that will take me along all of the Norwegian coast 💙

Silva are also helping out with navigation and drybags from resykeld plastic and if you are a long distance kayaker you probably know how important it is to keep your equipment dry.

An other new sponsor is Norsk Biltransport and thanks to there contribution i have been able to upgrade technical equipment so I can make better videos and photos on my trip.

ShibbyTraveler goes 360! Only om my Facebook.

My employer since I kayaked Norway the last time is Flasken, this is a restaurant that specialises in smal conserts and good food! Flasken have offered to help out so I can be safer on my trip with my new Garmin inreach mini. This will let me call for help with a push of a button and let you all see where I am along the coast. Link here!

And if you know Norwegian, check out Kajakkpodden for kayaking talks with me and other that love kayaking.

The trip of 2019 had everything, shark, dolphins, whales and ofcourse my viral video with Hvaldimir that now have 100's of millions views on different channels and been shared by Snoop Dog, Price EA, Bam Margera and Cesar Millan just to mention some.

I believe the 2021 trip will be even better 💙

I hope to have a best of 2019 video ready soon! i have some gifted musicians helping me out with music and sound, new post will come when video is ready ✌

As i post this i have just made my way down the 113k from Nesodden to Hvaler and i am ready to start my Norway from border to border adventure 2021!

Lots of love

Joachim Larssen

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