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Part 24, The final chapter Hvaldimir and the North Cape!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day116 I am up early but take my good time so I will have the most help from the tides and at 10am I get in the kayak and leave Sandland, it is clouded and not much wind.

I make my way around the south side of Silda where I meet a pod of porpoise that starts playing around me, super cool! I pass Nussvaag and try make my way to the north side of Stjenøya, here I meet Hurtigruta ship Lofoten and as I get to the North side my speed drops 50% due to high winds and waves so I decide to turn around and kayak the south side instead.

Here I have a good speed but are meet by a thick fog so I decide to stop for the day and set up camp at a beautiful spot and just as I get inside of my tent the rain starts to fall.

Day117 After a long rest I am ready to go at 4am, following the south side of Stjenøya and crossing over and following Seiland National park on the south side.

Lots of porpoise whales here to! I continue to follow the island until Im at the west side where I make my crossing over too Kvaløya where I make camp just one hour away from Todays goal Hammerfest. It is seven pm and the sun is going down and it has been a long day! Before I go to sleep I make my first food booking at an app called

for leftover food at


Day118 I wake up in a really cold tent, the weather forecast tells me its 4 degrees and that it will snow in the weekend so I am glad I am getting close to the goal! Raymond is on his way and are expecting to reach North Cape tomorrow. I just pack down and head on in to Hammerfest town for my hotel breakfast!

It takes me a little more than an hour to get there. I kayak my way under the pier so I don’t get in the way of the ferry and when I come out under the pure I see a large white shadow under my kayak! That comes up to say hello! It is Hvalimir and he loves me and my kayak Ida Marie 💙

I am a little hesitated to touch him but he is so eager to get petted so I make an exception due to that he is a lonely whale that need some love! All the other times I have been with whales and sharks I have only touched a shark once to help him when he was tangled in fishing equipment. It is important to respect there space just like with a human.

When I am filming him he suddenly snaps the camera out of my hands and let it fall down to the ocean floor before he picks it up and returns it for a scratch on the back.

It is almost 10 now and the lady in charge of him tells me it is time to feed him so she needs to take him away but I can joined! I say no I need to go and eat at Thon hotels and that I will be back later.

The breakfast is really good and I get to fill up my lunch box also for 49nok in total. After I sit down in the reception for some editing and charging before I get back to the kayak where Hvalimir is waiting and I call my

instructor in Thailand for her birthday so she can say hello to Hvalimir!

Then I go for some shopping and then it is time to go and he follows me for a long time on my way outt of the port playing around and trying to take my paddle.

But after a while he turns back and I am on my one again making my way around to the North of the Island and start the crossing to Havøysund but on the way over a local rainstorm hits me out of nowhere with rain, strong winds and big waves so I decided to go into land and set camp for the night just passed Reinsøya zzzzzz

Day119 and I am up at 4pm eating and editing before I get in the kayak at 4am, I have decided that this will be my last day of kayaking and that I will go straight to Honningsvåg where Raymond will meet me, I make my way to Havøysund where I take a break at the townhouse and while I am there Raymond sends me a photo of his flat tier and tells me help is on it’s way.

On my way to Måsøya I have a change of heart and change course for Gjesvær at the north of Magerøya, the weather when I cross is perfect!

Sunny and no wind and knowing I’m getting to the end gives me lots of power! When I make it over I feel like going all the way so keep going north east, wind is picking up and waves are getting bigger now. one voice on my head is telling me to go back to safety and not to risk it while the dominant voice say don’t stop me now! I’m having such a good time! And we are so close! So we keep going we pass one Cape, then the second and finally I can see the North Cape!

And here I have cover from the wind and waves so I can relax a little but I am losing daylight so i cant relax for to long. I make it passed the Cape and then really strong winds hit me! I hope that it will calmed down around the Cape so I just push on and luckily I am right. And that is good because I am almost out of energy, I keep going to the small town of Skarsvåg, what a feeling it is to make it to land here!

I enjoy the feeling for a minute before I start emptying the kayak so I am ready when Raymond comes. My friend and part owner of

have booked a room for us in Honningsvåg for the night, thank you so much! A good bead and breakfast will do us well! We make it to the hotel and celebrate with a local beer at the local bar before we fall asleep for the night!

Thank you all for you’re support during this amazing kayaking adventure, It wouldn't be possible without all of you! There are to many to thank, thank you all!!!!!! And I hope you have enjoyed following my adventure! Lots of love Joachim the Shibbytraveler.

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119 day from Oslo to the North Cape with this amazing kayak

and I am still in love, Ida Marie!

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Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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