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Part 19, Still in Lofoten, Amazing hikes, people and beaches!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day91 I am up just after 5am just as the tide reach my kayak so perfect timing of the tide, I pack down camp and have my breakfast oats before I start my journey for the day, todays first goal is Reine where I hope to get some info about Moskstraumen and hike the stairs up Reinebringen 448 M.A.S.L. I must have miscalculated because I was there in no time!

First up is some shopping for food before I do some charging over a cup of coffee, next up is Reinebringen it is a 15min walk to the start of the stairs and I believe also these are built by Sherpas from Nepal, it’s a fairly easy hike up and as always barefooted. I forgot to take the time but I estimate under one hour from Reine until I reach the top of Reinebringen, it is a lot of people doing this hike but not so many you have to walk in a line and after a short rest at the top I am going full speed down the stairs picking up cigarette filters along the way.

Please smokers take them with you! After fishing equipment, boat ropes and plastic these are the thing I find the most of and it is really bad for animals and nature!

e. Next up I search for someone with knowledge about the currents at Moskstraumen and after some searching I get the info I need from an kayak guide from Belgium that works at

and he tells me they need more guides for next session so I get his card and I am rely tempted to return for this job! The recommendations is to pass the cape 1 hour before high tide and that is two hours from now and I have 10nm to go but it is perfect kayaking conditions so I make it there in time! It’s a strong current so I am happy I’m not here when it turns!

I’m now heading north again and it is just me and the coastguard w332 that are exploring this waters, it’s almost no wind but still some big waves! I am searching for a nice beach but before I find it I make a pit stop at one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life! A valley with a small lake and in the middle going out in the sea a little mountain top where I see smoke coming up, I park my kayak on the boulders surrounding the valley and go up and say hello to a French couple that invite me to sit and eat with them by the fireplace as the sun goes down it feel like I have gone a thousand years back in time! I WILL BE BACK HERE!

I say my goodbyes and keep going north to I find the beach! It’s too dark and foggy to see the beach but I see a fire burning so I aimed to surf my way inn to them, the waves are just small enough for me to comfortably get in still in my kayak and I get some help from the campers getting the kayak up on the beach and I am once again offered a lace by the camp fire and we have a nice talk before it is time for bed zzzzzzzzzz.

Distance for the day 29,8 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x37

Day92 I wake up getting served breakfast I’m my tent by the campers from last night and an offer to join them on a hike up Helvetestinden and as always I accept the offer!

They are 2 couple traveling together and one of them is scared of heights but she is still joining up the 602m elevation, BIG RESPECT! We make it all the way up in less than two hours and have a nice long brake and enjoy the view!

Helvetestinden is a granite mountain peak located near Bunes beach in Lofoten, Norway. It is known for the 602 m high climbing route on the west facing vertical cliff. Most hikers summit it through the south side ridge which requires scrambling along a narrow ridge at the top.

Next is the trip down where we also stop by some houses down in the valley for some water, then it is back to the amazing beach! Here we have a meal before I start packing down and I get some help getting the kayak out on the waves, this is the first time I go in and out on waves and I need two attempts to make it out and I feel safe knowing that they all work with rescue and paramedic, thank you all for a wonderful camp and hike! I keep going north and its rougher then yesterday but I keep going until I reach Sandnesset just as the sun goes down behind the sea. zzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 14,7 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x1

Day93 I wake up early but stay and chill on the beach until the local

opens here I get to do some editing and have a morning coffee while I wait for the tide to be right, its two really cool buildings one is the café and the other is where they make glass products from the local rocks on the island, worth checking out if you need some new glass products.

At 4am I am off and I kayak around the north tip of the island before I start heading south true Napstraumen again I cross over to the next island and turn around the south tip and find a nice spot on the north side of Ballstad island. As I start setting up camp it starts to rain for the first time since day one (day66) in Nordland and I start dancing in the warm summer rain! It was about time because yesterday it was a forest fire a little south.

Distance for the day 14 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Day 94 I wake up and end up just sitting here enjoying the view and doing some yoga for hours! But at 3pm I manage to get my ass back in the kayak.

Today’s goal is to return back to Henningsvær where I have room for two nights at the sailboat again to rest and I will have my first shower in week and wash my clothes for the first time in two weeks I believe! On the way over I enjoy the Manchester united vs. Chelsea match on my phone and Ole Gunnar Solskjærs boys wins by 4-0! I am not a man u fan but I am a Solskjær fan, congratulations on a good start!

And after a little more than 5 hours of kayaking I’m finally back! And I enter Henningsvær with my feet on top of the kayak chill style!

I check into my ship for the night and go for a well-deserved beer and dinner at the local

, it’s actually the first time I have a beer and dinner out on this trip and the Nordlands beer and chili con carne is super good!

After my dinner I’m am about to fall asleep but I make it back to the ship before I zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 17,3 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Day95 is my 15th resting day and I am really resting this day! Chilling on cafes, chilling on the sundeck, doing some washing of clothes and doing some editing. I also order the new

(1000nok) from the

here in Norway instead of the much more expensive emergency GPS system (5000nok) so let’s just hope it works if I need it. I am also planning to do the VHF radio operator corse (1500nok) and get a VHF radio (2000nok) if I will continue after the North Cape. But that is only if I have the funds and the weather looks good. A

is opened if someone wants to help out so I don’t have to stop and get work, the cash will go to the return to Oslo and necessary equipment.

Lofoten is an archipelago in Norway. Its known for its dramatic scenery, with peaks like the Svolværgeita pinnacle jutting up into the sky. Himmeltindan Mountain sits on Vestvågøya Island. The nearby Lofotr Viking Museum features a Viking longhouse reconstruction. Cycle routes cover the islands, passing through fishing villages like Henningsvær, which has colorful buildings lining its waterways.

Ida Marie aka

and I are getting more and more known now and are subject for a lot of foot shoots!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

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