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Part 18, Lofoten, I have been waiting for you! found my peace of mind!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Thank you all for following my trip!

Day85 I wake up in the morning with sumac pain so I go back to sleep until it feels better well and I don’t get going to Svolvær before after mid-day, the harbor is full of people this beautiful Friday and it’s a festival in town!

I do my shopping, have a look around town, I try to get in contact with the festival to see if they need volunteers but I believe they are buzzy to answer. While I sit and eat I also see the local newspaper

so I knock on the door there and tell them about my shark experience and ask if they want the video, they offer me 1000nok for it something I accept!

On my way to the kayak I stop by XXLofoten and ask for some advice and the beautiful lady working there recommend me to go to Skrova and hike to the top of the mountain an island 5nm to the south. So I do as the lady recommends and after one hour I am over and I make it to the top in les the one hour just before the sun goes down behind the mountains, it is perfect!

Super nice tip! After relaxing a little I head down again and kayak around the island to a small beach where I set up my camp for the night and fall asleep.

Day86 this morning I wake up with a strong headache so I decide to let my body rest this day so I sit on the beach and just chill out and eat a lot of food while I have some nice talks with passing hikers!

Day87 still not feeling 100% but I am good to go! I get in the kayak and head back to Svolvær where I charge a little at Thon Hotel and have a walk true town and when the clock hits 6pm, I get back in the kayak and have a double meeting with Hurtigruten.

Next stop is Henningsvær to the south west where my friend from the sailboat a little over a week ago have offered me a bead for the night in his Bavaria 38 feet, it is nice to have some space for yourself inside again and before I get to bead I take a walk true town.

Day88 I take my time getting ready today, I am in no hurry so I take a wake and do some shopping and I also get the local newspaper Lofotposten where they have written my shark story.

The wind is going to be at 7m/s today and after talking to Odd a local man with a lot of experience tells me not to cross over today bot follow the island north instead. I listen to him but the wind gets to strong so after 2 hours of kayaking I finally give up when I see a beautiful beach to my east,

I kayak inn and sit down for some food and take to some tourists and two nice guys that just arrived to Lofoten and are going to camp here for some weeks, we sit and take until it’s time for bead and I set up my tent on the beach once again.

Day89 I am really not in a hurry so I chill out for a while at the beach doing some yoga and chilling on the beach and it’s not until 2pm I manage to pack down and get on my way.

It is not supposed to be windy today but it is so I keep going north and decide to try to make it to the Viking festival due to high winds the next days so I make my way on the west side of Gimsøy and true the strong current by Naala, around Kvalnes and Høynes before I cross over to Strømnes and what a current! I barely make it up the first part still in my kayak and when I see the current going under the bridge I decide it it’s better to get into land! I take a wake to the bridge and meet a local that tells me I have to wait until the tides turn so I set up a little camp for the two hours until midnight. Midnight comes and it’s still not slowing down and as I wait I fall asleep zzzzzzzzzz.

Day90 I can fall asleep everywhere now! A good size rock was tonight’s bead and when I wake up at 6am and the tides has turned and are already too strong to kayak so what to do? After this strong current there are three more before I get to the Viking festival so it might take me a while to get there and out again.

I have a quick check on the weather forecast and it has changed since yesterday, now it is almost no wind and not a cloud so I decided to skip the festival and keep going around the islands, I start with going out by Eggum and around the North side of the island.

On my way I pass by my third surf camp area on my trip at Unstadvika and even with low winds the waves are BIG some of the biggest on the trip but they are long and calm so it is no problems. I then cross over Steinfjord and make my way with the nice Napstraumen to Nap where I take a break and find some water. There is none at the pier but at the first house I get water, food and cake, I stay for a little while and have a nice talk before I head on down to my kayak. I follow the current down to Nusfjord where I have my next brake. It’s a really nice old fishing town so I go for a little wake.

I find that I have energy for a little more so I head on south west on the south side of the island until I find a spot at the start of Skjellfjorden.

There are some really strong tidal currents here that you have to look out for and I have learned that they can have a long delay before they turn after the tides has turned, The Napstraumen is delayed by 3 hours!

Some people are asking if they can sponsor me and if I can reopen the sponsor site so I will.

Just know that I don’t know how much longer I will continue, not much funds left and I still have the trip back to the south with a kayak that I don’t have cash for and if it gets cold I will need to upgrade some equipment.

Also I don’t believe I will go longer than the North cape, I might if the weather Is perfect but I shod get a VHF radio (2000nok) and an Emergency GPS (5000nok) for the last part.

I hope to find some work for a short or long term up here. From now until 1 of January is of interest.

In other news! My Swedish friend Andreas have now completed his trip from border of Russia to the Swedish boarder in 68 days! Congratulation you are an inspiration!

I don’t feel a big need to continue but I will until I don’t want anymore, Lofoten has been the big goal and now that I am here I have found peace of mind and I am happy about my accomplishment!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

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