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Part 14, Torghettan, faith, energy, petroglyphs and family!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day66 starts with rain on my tent here at Leka so I pack down and head inn to the info house at the harbor for breakfast. A lot of people come by and wish me good luck on the rest of my trip, and a little past 10am I’m on my way to Brønnøysund I kayak my way up to Olavika where I take my first brake at the local restaurant, just relaxing with an alcohol-free beer.

I then kayak my way past Lyngveret, Vik and Berg and it’s here the sandy beaches of Helgelandskysten starts! I pass Hurtigruten and a couple of Viking style ships but they are a little too far away for photos. Now I make my way to Torghettan. This is a place a lot of people have been talking about, I place my kayak by the camping site

and start my walk up to the hole in the Granit mountain, its foggy and not the best view and everyone ask where I have my shoes and takes photos of me. It takes me 20minutes to make it in the opening and to the other site for a nice view over the Islas on the other site of the island. I take my photos and head on back. There are some people coming but not so many that it’s crowded and a couple brings the cutest dog!

This is a short and easy trip that most people shod be able to do, it is a little seep at some places but just take your time and enjoy the views. Back at my kayak I eat a box of tomato beans and kayak to the tip of Ormøy overseeing the bridge into Brønnøysund where I set up camp for the night!

Distance for the day 25,8 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x3

Day67 I end up getting four hours of sleep before I’m rested and ready to go but I stay in my tent for a little longer since it’s just 4am and the shop do not open before 7am but at 5.30am I get out and in my kayak and make it into town just as the clock passes 7am

After I’m done shopping for food, a new backup phone and dry bags I contact the harbor master and get acceptance to dry my sleeping bag, thank you for the help! After fixing everything and having a take with the curious boaters at the marina I’m on my way again. Heading is still north past Horn and the wind here is getting stronger from the north so i decide to skip the island of Vega and head inn to Mosjøen instead.

So keep fighting my way on the inside of Hamnøya where I get some much needed shelter from the wind, I take a small brake on the sandy beaches making eggs and baked beans before I once again are on my way.

When I get to the North side of the island I feel a big disturbance in the force, I see a green and read island in front of me! I desire that this will be my camp for the night and a little passed 11pm I make it to Tro and Rødøya (Faith and Red Island). I find a perfect spot for my camp and fall asleep right away!

Distance for the day 25,6 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x27

Day68 I actually sleep nonstop until a little passed 09am and that is a long time for me! I can feel a good energy on this island! I talked to some friend and I feel so good this morning! And after I have packed down and had my breakfast. A running man comes bye and starts talking with me, we go to search for some petroglyphs that he say are just around the corner but no luck so I go back to my kayak. I sit here feeling like I shod stay a little longer and after a short time an local walking her dog comes along and we start talking,

she guides me to the petroglyphs and invites me home for lunch with her husband, I accept and we are on our way. After some good food and good talks she takes me to meet the neighbors that she thinks I will like and she is right! We click right away and talk for hours about everything and nothing and I offer my help for future events on the island before I am called back for some freshly cooked fish, I say my goodbyes and walk back for some dinner, here more people has meet up for dinner and we are now a total of seven, it’s a super atmosphere so thank you for taking me to your home! But all good things must come to an end so I say thank you for the hospitality and heads back to my kayak. As I start kayaking I decide that I will retune here and spend some months exploring this energy! I now make my way to Rødøyholmen where I go for a climb up a mountain to find the first recorded petroglyphs of a man skiing and this has also been the logo of the Norwegian Olympic winter games.

Now I have to get going or I will probably just stay here! So I make my way into the fjord for some time but I’m starting to get tired and the sun is starting to come up again so I set up my hammock and fall asleep just as the sun starts shining in me! zzzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 14,7 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x4

Day69 I get a late start on the day and don’t start before 3pm I get the tides against me all the way but I still keep a good speed and the sun is finally shining on me! I make my way into Vefsnfjorden until the end where you find Mosjøen, I tie up the kayak and head into town, and here I hear my name being shunted out Jooooooaaaaacccchhhhhiiimmmmmmm!I turn around and there is my mother, her boyfriend Kjell and my uncle Tron Vidar, they have taken the trip to say hello! It’s super nice to see them again! We head on up to the camping site where they have rented two little cabin for the night and we talk and catchup on the last yeas events before we fall into sleep.

Distance for the day 14,1 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x6

A big thanks to my friends and family for your support and a big thanks to    Norse for sending me Ymir! 



 Btw we reached the goal for the Spleis so 10.000 thanks!!!!

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Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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