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Part 23,The amazing Lyngen alps! Nr1 view on the trip!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day110 I sleep too long so Blaaisvannet will have to wait for another day, today’s goal is Djupvik where I will meet two old friends! I make my way north and follow land until I make it around the tip.

The wind comes and goes from all directions but as I try to cross over to Djupvik the wind from the north hits me just enough to make it interesting.

When I arrive in Djupvik I find a nice spot by some boathouses and when I am done my friends arrive, Kristoffer starts a fire while Elina and I starts taking. And when the fire is burning we gather around and catch up! All good things must come to an end and after some hours they return home while I find my place in the tent.

Distance for the day 32 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x2

Day111 When I get up the sun is already shining and it’s a thin fog over the waters, I cook the fishcakes and greens I got yesterday and while I cook the landowners show up for a nice talk, they are 88 and 92 and are the perfect example of an old married couple, super nice! But after a while the man decide that his grass has grown too much and he can’t let a southerners see it like this and went to get his lawnmower. I took this as my time to start packing, and just as I finish up the noise starts.

Today I am heading south to skibotten and the view of the

are one of the best in the world! WOW! A mountain chain raising strait from the sea and up 1100 m.a.s.l into a fjord over 20nm long! I am just stunned by the view but I still manage to make it to Skibotten where another old friend is waiting for me.

Ronny is waving me into a little guest pier where I park for the night and drives me home to meet his family, Marianne and there two kids.

Here I get a shower, a wash, stake and beer! What else can a man wish for? We sit and talk to midnight and for the first time in many months we can see the stars! And then it is time for bead again!

Distance for the day 25,7 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x0

Day112 it is always nice to wake up in a bead! And when I get up breakfast is served and after I have some time to do some editing before Ronny comes home in his break to take down to the pier again. Thank you for your hospitality!

I pack down and head out in the windy fjord it is supposed to be wind up to 8 m/s so I skip going over the fjord to meet Kine and keep going, the wind change directions for every mountain I pass but for the last half I have the wind in my back and make 8,1 knop at the highest!

And after 5houers I am back at Djupvik where I once again set up camp for the night!

Distance for the day 22,8 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Day113 I get up and make my climate scream naked before I pack down camp and get going.

It’s another windy day most of the time from the north and that is the way I am going.

I was hoping to make it to Skjervøy but as I make it to the north side of ulløy I see a nice beach at the island of Follesøyan that is too tempting to pass up! I set up camp at an old small farm where no one is home so I set up camp on a little grass spot.

Distance for the day 12,3 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x1

Day114 I wait out in my tent so I will have an easy ride tru Maursund, and when I am going to start packing the sky falls down so I wait out the rain and after a half hour it’s over and I pack down and get going, the sun start so shine on me and it get hot with all my clothes but I just keep going true Maursund and make my way to Skjervøy where I do some shopping and get to take a shower and charging at the local boat Association, thank you!

Distance for the day 14,3 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Day115 I have to start the day going back to the local boat Association.

I had left my emergency battery’s there, the sun is shining and after some food I am on my way over Loppehavet, it all starts nice and calm with wales popping up around me,

but then the wind hits from the south west and during the crossing I have to empty the kayak for water two times because of the waves breaking over me but I make it over. As soon as I make it around the mountains for cover it is once again calm waters and I am now in Finnmark! I keep going and get Loppa island to my north and after that I head on south to Sandland where I set up camp by a fishing camp with a lot of nice people! I have a long take to the owner and get to use toilet and charge while I am there. Thank you so much!

Distance for the day 27,9nm nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x0

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