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Part Seven, The first 500miles!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read my story! It’s been an amazing journey so far so many amazing people and magical places here in Norway! Get your ass out into nature and keep it clean! Here comes part seven!

Day31 and we are back to fog, rain, cold and some wind so no kayaking for me today and I spend a whole day mostly inside the tent eating.

Distance for the day 19 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x6

Day32 starts out wet and cold but I get going around 10am, I kayak my way through Røyksundkanalen (a canal) and over to Sagvaag where I find a gas station diner(YX) so I can charge my batteries and do some blogging. After some hours the editing is reedy and batteries are charged (it was not haha) so I’m back in my kayak heading for Austevoll and the sun is shining! I kayak my way North until I make it to Smedaholmen, its past 8pm and the island looks like a good place to camp and it has a small jetty I can put my kayak. I’m meet by a German couple in there sailboat there and after a quick introduction im off to set up my camp. The ground is soaking wet but at the top of the mountain I find a nice dry spot and I get both evening sun and morning sun right at the tent so everything gets nice and dry. The Germans invite me over for some vine and chocolate. I happily accept but after some hours of talking it’s time for me to climb back to my camp for the Night zzzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 19 nautical miles, trash in water x12 and on land x3

Day33 Next morning I wake up at 7am and the tent is so warm that I have to get out fast! Finally, this is the way to wake up! I pack down camp and kayak my way into this beautiful day! The sun is up and mostly no wind. I make my way to Bekkjarvik for a lunch break and charging at the local shopping center before I make my way over to Torangsvaag a smal fishing port. Here I find the boathouse of my good friend Lindi and she has offered me a bead for the night, I get in and get a good long hug and we get updated on each other’s life over some food and beer before we turn inn for the night.

Distance for the day 13,7 nautical miles, trash in water x3 and on land x1

Day34 Up and early the next day’s fixing some sinks that don’t drain that well and eat some food before I once again say my goodbyes by the kayak and she waves me off, I will miss you Lindi! It’s passed 12 by the time I’m off and today’s goal is Askøy by Bergen where I will meet up with



my main sponsor, Thank you so much for sending me Ymir!

But before I make it there he reroutes me to

in Tømmervaagen a little north of Bergen and as it’s getting late I skip Bergen city. It’s really nice to meet Torgeir, he gives out a good vibe and is enthusiastic about kayaking and are happy to give some local advice. He has also brought me some sponsor gifts from

. A easy to take off and on

for my kayak, a new

and so I can bee seen if it gets dark, thank you Roy Helgerud and Silva for making my travels safer! I set up my camp just around the corner and get the key for the kayak club for charging.

Distance for the day 23,3 nautical miles, trash in water x3 and on land x5

Day35 It’s once again rain and I pack down my whet equipment and kayak over to the kayak club where I have my breakfast and plan my day and I find that a start at 12 will be good. As I’m about to get ready three lady’s comes and get there kayaks reedy and after a nice talked they decide to join me for the start of today’s lap, its really nice to have some company on the way and to see others enjoy the beautiful scenery. The lady’s sadly say goodbye, wish me luck and kayak back while I pick up as good speed as I can to impress.




I make it to Alvestraumen just as the tides turn and I can effortless kayak my way through the narrow passage.

At the end I find a local shop and it’s supposed to have closed but there are still people there so he lets me shop some food and give me directions to Lygra a place I have been recommended by many on my way. It’s soooooooo beautiful! I kayak my way true a small passage and see a cool hut, I go to land to take some photos and then I continue around to Søre Naustvika and its so green, amazing old boathouses! You have to go! I make my way up to the hill and find a map with information and its say only camping with promotion. I make a call to Lyngheisenteret and get an OK so set up my camp and start editing before I go to sleep for the night!

Distance for the day 19 nautical miles, trash in water x7 and on land x2

I start my birthday charging, blogging and eating a really good wild sheep sup at

, 6 stars for food, service and view!

For my birthday I wish to get as many people to sign and share this post. You will make an promises that you will pickup minimum one plastic every day or you can-do 30 in one day and be done for the month!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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