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Part 21, The farthest North i have been in my life!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day101 is spent finishing up the last blog and as soon as I am done with that Gull-Erik and Jytte comes back home from there concert and we end up sitting and talking, eating all day long. We also take a walk around town and have a beer at the local watering hole before we head on back to our beads.

Day102 Starts out with breakfast and shopping before I say my goodbyes again, Thank you so much for food, beer, bead and super company! As I kayak out of Harstad they are taking photos and waving me goodbye.

On my way out I find that my gopro is out of power so I decide to make a stop at the Viking museum called

so I can charge and have a look. When I arrive a little past 4pm they are closing down but I am allowed to take a quick look. I jump over the fence and have a look.

I also take a look at the old church from 1400th and the original one vas started at the 1100th. And are the north most surviving medieval building in the world!

After my look and charging I am ready to go again. I kayak my way north to Grytøya and start my passing over to Senja, it is not a long distance but the wind and waves comes on my side so it’s a little harder than expected but the wales pupping up around me makes it all okay! I make it over and find a place to set up camp for the night and see a lot of wales passing by as I set up my camp for the night. This is the day when I crossed the line of the most north I have been in my life!

Distance for the day 22,2 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x3

And here is my new safety equipment

panic button, just hold it in for 5sec and they send help!

Day103 Just as the tides turn I am back in my kayak and make my way to Finnsnes. I make my way east with Senja on my north side and main land on my south, Senja is an island I wish I had more time to explore, it looks so diverse and it is normally described as Norway in miniature and is the second largest island in Norway after Hinnøya (where Harstad is ).

When I make it to Finnsnes I park my kayak on a small pier by Hurtigruta pier and make my way up to Ida and Jonas apartment for the night, they have left out the key for me so I can shower while I wait for Ida to come home, Jonas is back at work for Trollcruise in Oslo. When she comes home we catch up and she makes me an amazing taco dinner! On the walls there are quotes like I’m happy I don’t have to hunt for my own food I don’t even know where taco’s live! And follow your dreams, today I’m having tacos!

Distance for the day 22,1 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Day104 Ida takes me down to down to the pier to say goodbye and I also get to change some equipment at Intersport. We also meet a really friendly Swedish man that runs a fishing boat where tourists can rent the boat for some hours with a captain to take them to all the best spots.

Thank you Ida for your hospitality and amazing Tacos! It a hot and cloudy day and it feels like a thunderstorm is coming!

I stay close to land and download a lighting strike app and a little later it starts showing me strikes just where I plan to camp for the night so I stay even closer to land and even go in for a brake and to evaluate the situation, it feels like it is over and the app agrees with me so I keep going.

My planed destination vas the beaches off Aglapsvik but as I pass the bay winds picks up and don’t let me inn there so I keep going until I have new cower by the mountains at Tennesjker where I set up camp for the night.

Distance for the day 21,4 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Day105 I just chill and make food while I wait for the tide to help me inn at midday,

I have been warned about the current at Rystraumen but they all say it’s not dangerous and I get different advice and as I get closer I find that I want to too go the north opening all the way close to land, there are boats around and people are fishing so I feel safe. It’s a fast current but I have been to stronger, I make a speed of 7 knop and feel safe the hole way. Now I can see Tromsø my goal for the day and where I am going to rest for some days going to a music festival called

as Space Crew in the bartender day one so I get free entrance day two. Ida Marie have gotten a spot at

, here I am meet by Trond that snaps some nice photos on my way inn.

We have a nice take and gives me a ride into town after parking the kayak. I am dropped at the doorstep of Kristina. An old friends from my time in Spain, we catch up, make dinner and chill.

Distance for the day 19,7 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

The second longest distance in a week was this week, in

we did 146,7nm!

You can still help out on

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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