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Part 11, It's getting harder now and i was close to quit, It’s a mental game more than physical!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day50! I wake up in the middle off the night feeling shitty! Headache, blocked sinuses and a fever! I normally get this once a year and it doesn’t last longer than 24h, I force inn some food that the body can use for healing and go back to sleep. I’m inn a deep sleep until 12.00 and wake up feeling better, get some food, pack down camp. You know the normal routine! It’s supposed to be a lot of wind today but for the first part I am well sheltered and its no problems until I pass Taftasundet, here I hope to do a 45 degree crossing but the wind only lets me do a 90. The waves are braking over me from the side but Ida Marie and I have been true this before so we make it over to one of the nicest beaches I have seen in Norway and the family that lives there comes down to greet me with a coffee and after a short brake I make it to the next beach where I take another brake while the voices in my head are discussing to stay or go! And we goooooooo! It’s getting better so it’s no problem kayaking until I get to Uggedal! Here it smells like SHIT! I want to hold my nose but you can’t do that when you kayak so I endure the smell. And as I pass Hamnsund the waves are back and when I get to Teroya at 10pm I feel it’s time for some rest zzzzzzzzzz.

Distance for the day 16,6 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x16

Day51 I get up at 12 and do the normal routine and get in my kayak, today I want to make it to Molde or Bud and will let the goods make my decision. I take a trip over to Søvik for some food and charging and at 2.30pm I’m on my way again. It’s a little wavy and rainy and as I approach Midøya where I have to make my decision the weather calms down so I take it as a sign to keep going to Bud. But the good are not done with their games! They send the low clouds down on my and I lose all visibility! I turn on my lights, check my course and use my compass from Silva to navigate 20 degrees north for 2h then when I see Gossa 45 degrees NW for 1,5h and right before midnight I reach Bud. I check the weather report and see that I have 16 hours to make the crossing over Hustadvika. The last days a lot of people have warned me about this area so I want little wind in this stretch! I will give myself 5 hours rest in my tent before I get going again.

Distance for the day 30,4 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x1

Day52 I don’t know if I would have made it up at 5am but thanks to the worst wake up on this trip! I have set camp just by a mountain of nesting seagulls! So when the parents returned from the morning hunt at 5am it felt like my ears was going to start bleeding from the noise! I think I got 3h of sleep so I do my routine and get out of there! I’m not the only one up early some sailors are also getting reedy and a little past 6pm I’m on my way again. It’s beautiful! It’s a lot of islets and reefs so I understand why you need good weather here, little wind now but in 10h it’s expected to be 16ms winds! I don’t want to be here when that hits so I keep going. As I pass Hustad it’s getting wavy and at Farstad even more! And suddenly the water is boiling around me, Herring! Millions of them and they are being hunted by mackerel. I throw in my hocks and after 10 seconds I have two nice mackerel for my lunch. Just around the corner it’s a lot calmer and I continue between the Islands and here I make a stop to cook my mackerel. I fry up the pan with oil, onions and ginger while I marinate mackerel in curry paste and throw them in the mix. It’s so good! I keep going after my lunch and I follow the Atlantic road over Kvernesfjorden and I take the inside of Storsandoya. When I get to Hasløya I start looking for a good place to camp true the storm, I pass Langøya and nothing! I decide to push my luck and cross over to Ekkilsøya and then the wind from the west hits me just as predicted and it pushes me into a rocky beach. It’s no way out now so I get my kayak into safety and start searching for shelter, and there is no shelter here! I find me a small spot where I can put up the tent but the high winds make it impossible! I climb the mountains to get a better view but no possibilities! Then I climbed down again get in my sleeping bag and roll together like a little poppy and fall asleep for some hours. At 11pm I wake up cold and its calming down a little, I barely make it out and around the island where I it’s a lot better and I find shelter next to a boathouse just before midnight man fall asleep right away!

Distance for the day 27,2 nautical miles, trash in water 1 and on land lots! and lots more! i was to cold and tierd to pick it all!

This might be the hardest day for me! For some hours stranded on the island freezing,in the open and tiered after just 3 hours of sleep! I decided to end the trip but when I was back in my tent I thought about how amazing it has been and will be and changed my mind! Today I talked to some friends. One told me how nice and warm it is in Oslo now ant the other told me it was 4- where I’m headed and this fucked with my head so please don’t give me weather updates!

Day53 Todays goal is just to get to Kristiansund to charge batteries, when I start this morning I have 10% left. It is another cold, rainy and windy morning so it takes some time to get out of my sleeping bag but when it passes 12am its time to get going, so I do the normal routine and I’m on my way again! I follow Ekkilsøya north until I get to Sveggen a small town right before the open ocean and when I’m true I head east against Kristiansund it’s a lot of waves here so I’m happy I was not here when the wind hit me yesterday, I make my way into Kristiansund with no big problems and find a spot to charge and edit for some hours over a coffee and some sweets. At 9pm I’m charged and ready to go. From here I make my way south of Nordlandet for cower and I make an attempt to make it to Smøla but the waves are getting bigger and bigger so I turn back and make camp at a nice bay at Tustna and fall asleep as the wind is getting stronger and the rain once again fall on my tent zzzzzzzzzz….

Distance for the day 16,6 nautical miles, trash in water x4 and on land x Lots and Lots

Day54 is a really windy day and I can’t kayak, winds at 16ms and cold, cold rain! My app tells me its 4 Celsius and real feel of 1 Celsius, I hope to make a attempt after midnight but it’s no better so I stay the night. Not much to show on this day but I will show you the tide difference.

I release that everyone don’t know how tides work but for the most part it goes in a 6 hour cycle depending on where the moon is, some places have more irregular tides, some places tides can create strong dangerous currents and the biggest tide difference is in Canada at Bay of Fundy where the record is 21,6m! To check the tide where you are just Google local tides and the closest town.

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land to much! gettert some in a pile but it was to cold, windy and rainy so i spendt most of the time in my tent.

Day55 it’s hard to get motivated to exit the tent when it’s so cold, wind of 10ms and rain but a little after 11am it stops raining so I get out and pack down and it starts again while I’m getting the kayak ready. I’m already regretting getting out of the tent today. I fight my way out of the little bay at 1 knop and make a turn around the corner and I get the winds I’m my back. I get a good speed 4-6 knop and from time to time a big wave crushes over me and I almost flip the kayak sometimes but all the water in the kayak makes me more stable and when the wind is at its strongest I do 4 knop without paddling, I pass Tustna on the south side going east, then I pass Stabblandet and Ertvaagsøya. Here I make a turn north and continue until I get to Aune where I now sit and wright this chapter at a really nice

where you can stay for 100 euro a night with a really nice view where you enjoy dinner and breakfast!

Distance for the day 23,9 nautical miles, trash in water xLOTS and on land x LOTS and still more to take if you want to do a cleenup!

Together we can! Ida Marie Aka

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Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

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