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Kayaking Norway part one, The warm up!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Less than 24h left and I’m on my way to Oslo to scout out a dry suit got my trip I start out with a kayaks store at Majorstua but no luck, no luck at XXL ether but one of the employees recommended me

, a kite store just up the road. I gave it a try and there I find two super friendly kite dudes, and after explaining its use they find a

, its perfect! Easy to move, easy to open and close! So I tell them that I will be back in the morning when I have my paycheck, I also reserve a wet cap and some 1mm wet glows. Now it’s off to meet up with my friend Marius, he have rented a car from work at Moller cars so we can pick up the kayak at NorLines terminal at Gjeleraasen. The pickup goes good and we are on our way to Aker brygge where my old boss have given me permission to store the kayak on Festival one of four ships it

fleet, Lady Mack was my main ship and also the biggest in the fleet. So now it’s just to pack up and relax for the trip!

But as always before a big adventure it’s hard to sleep but I get some hours and when I wake up I find that “my” phone has died (Sorry Lars Andre) So after I get my equipment at

I go phone hunting at Power and a cute and helpful lady helps me find a Samsung that is not too expensive and water resistant, perfect! Now I just have to find a place to change and set up the phones.

I get to the pier 5 minutes past 12 and my sister, her husband and their children, my mother and her boyfriend have all come to see me off, thank you for showing up!!!! And as I kayak from

at 1300 the crew of

also wave me off.

The weather is not the best, its cold and it’s raining all the way I start out kayaking to Nesodden, a small peninsula where I grew up, here I pass true Ildgjernet and Steilene and continue none stop until I’m in Drobak where I lived for some years.

Here I get some food before I continue to a nice beach I know named Skiphelle where I put up the first camp of the trip, I’m cold, i cant fel my fingers anymore, tired and I relies fast that I need to upgrade my sleeping bag! It’s freezing! But I get some hours of sleep.

Distance for the day 17 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on campsite x1

Next morning I’m up bright and early making baked beans with chili for breakfast before I get back in the kayak, today’s goal is Fredrikstad and the weather is better over me but there are rainy clods around me the whole way, as I make it close to Moss my mother calls me and ask what I want for lunch, I answer sushi and she say she is close to moss now and she also manage to find me a new sleeping bag, perfect timing, Thank you mommy and Kjell!

I keep going strong, make it true a rainstorm and make it to Store Sletter where I put up my camp, check out the outhouse toilet and introduce me to the other campers on the island before I go to bed early, but I don’t get much sleep! The wind is growing stronger and stronger and I picked the flattest island in the area, smart haha!

Distance for the day 23 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x0

The wind is still strong in the morning so I wait on the tides to turn so I will have tides, wind and waves in my back, this worked well. Some of the time the kayak was more like a submarine as the waves braked over us and when I got to outer Hvaler I had to turn, to big waves, I know there is another way in to Hvaler so I follow the coast but now I get the waves, wind and tides in the side and it’s no change of checking the map without almost hit a Skerry but after fighting my way to Tangen by the bridge to Hvaler.

Here I go in for a lunch but I find that I haven’t closed the hatches that good so some water has come inn so I set up camp and use the last of the sunlight to dry my equipment and my friend Paal shows up with some chips and joined me for some hours at the camp, it was nice to see you again! And at 2300 it was time for some sleep! And I sleep to 1100 the next day!

Distance for the day 30 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x1

After breakfast and packing down camp I was on my way true Hvaler and my mom calls and ask were we can meet, I find Utgaard on the map and it’s in the outer Hvaler where I wanted to go the day before and the wind is better so it’s no problem for me to get here, it’s a really nice fishing village! Here I give my mom the freediving equipment… I didn’t want to but it takes to much space and I need the space for other things. And Kjell brought his shaving masking so my mom gives me a trim.

I give my thanks and goodbyes and I’m off again. After some hours of kayaking true some amazing islands I Make it to the end of Norway where I run out of power on my phone and have to navigate by memory. So I turn east and follow the boarder until I’m inside of the archipelago and make a run for Fredrikstad but as the sun goes down I need to get to land and set up camp. And a little after 2200 I’m in my sleeping bag zzzzzzzzzz…..

Distance for the day 26 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x1

The next morning I’m up and reedy at 0900 kayaking my way to Fredrikstad but it’s no way I’m getting in to town, this is where Norway’s biggest river Glomma runs out so I make a turn and rest for a little on a beach where I also find a tree that works as my toilet for the moment. I Text Raymond and tell him it’s not possible so we agree to meet up at Tangen where he will pick me up in one hour. He has invited me for GOT, food, fishing and a warm bead for the night. Thank you for amazing tacos!

Distance for the day 14 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on fishing site x8

I’m so happy that

gave me Ymir to help me through the adventure! I can now highly recommend it to you!

This was my first five days of kayaking, thank you for all the support and help! 110NM TOTAL!

And to all you cleaning the coast!!! You are doing an awesome job!!!!!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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