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Part six, Vikings, duckling killing and dolphins!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

I Wake up warm, rested and early on day 26 and at 0815 I’m ready to start the hardest distance so far, it’s around 40nm to Stavanger and not many places to go in for shelter if it’s too much weather. The forecast is wind from 6ms to 10ms from the south. This is the best direction for me as I’m going north now. It takes me 7 hours nonstop kayaking to pass Jæren, it’s the biggest waves so far, on top I can see everything and when you go down you only see waves and the sky and most of the time I’m surfing my way to Stavanger, the total distance when I kayak to the beach of Sunde is 45nm!

Distance for the day 45,7 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on campsite x23

Day 27, I sleep like a child and wake up to cold rain again, I force myself out of the tent and pack down camp, eat and get in my kayak. Today’s goal is Stavanger town and it’s going to get windy! The first 5nm goes good but as I pass Bragen lighthouse I get the wind straight at me again and after over one hour doing no more than 2nm an hour I go in to the small port of Harastadvika. After a quick whether check I decide to leave the kayak for he night here and take the bus into town. Here my old friend Kine is waiting for me and takes me to her home where I meet her family for the first time. We talk and enjoy the evening before its suddenly night time and we go to bed for the night zzzzzzz.

Distance for the day 8,2 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on campsite x0

I was hoping to ether kayak or go to Prekestolen this day but due to weather reports I slept inn and had a resting day at Casa Kine and Kent playing with the children and waiting for the storm to come, and during the day temperatures rice to 30 Celsius and I’m working on my tan while wondering why I didn’t kayak this morning. But when the afternoon comes so dos my Uncle Thor, striking his hammer all over south, east and vest Norway and at this point I’m happy I didn’t kayak today.

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x0

Day29 looks much better and at 9am I’m on the bus back to Harastadvika where Ida Marie has spent the night and at 10am I’m on my way against Haugesud its really good conditions and the crossing over to Bokn goes with no problems. And then I hear the sound that I’m always listing for, the sound of blowholes! A pod of 8-10 Dolphins are heading straight for me and I almost fall out of the kayak trying to get the gopro on! They go under the kayak as I turn it on and come up on the other side as you can see on the video.

The biggest Pod I have seen in my life, I’m smiling from ear to ear! I continue kayaking until I’m 5nm from Haugesud, I check out Snikholmen but it does not look good. Then I try out Bukkøya and kayak straight into an episode of Vikings! It’s a live Viking village and this weekend they are having a

, I’m welcomed as one of their one even if it is after opening hours I get to have a look and then I’m offered food, a beer and I also get a pass for the festival for the next morning. I loved the energy here, they all seemed so happy in there one little Viking word. I might show up to more of this festivals in the future! And as the sun is going down I kayak around the island where I put up camp for the night.

Distance for the day 26,3nm nautical miles, trash in water x21 and on campsite x5

I’m up early in the morning on day 30 and it’s raining and cold so I wait in the tent until 1030 when I pack down the wet camp and kayak my way back to the festival, here I walk around talking to Vikings and visitors and my kayak Ida Marie(Ymir) From Norse gets a lot of attention and as I get ready to go I get some good tips for camps sand stops on the way. I also get stopped by a man that was so happy about all the wonderful Viking photos he got this day and wanted mine too, I say no problem friend!

And just around the corner I’m a vitnes to a seagull killing a little duckling!

Here you see a seagull hovering over the mamma duck and her two ducklings, first once, then once more, then he strikes flying away almost swallowing the hole duckling in one go. The mother try’s to go after but she have to stay with her last duckling!

From here I Kayak my way through Haugesud where I stop by the local kayak club and do some shopping and Magnar also shows up out of the blue giving me some more tips and sends over some nice photos of the area.

As soon as I get out of Haugesud I get really hot so I make my way into

where to my surprise there are the same statues that is in Cancun and the plan is to have a 3000m2 underwater park, let’s hope I can return here and freedive soon! Here I also meet photographer

, we have a nice little talk before he takes some photos of me on my way out.

I make it to Rygarden Lighthouse with no problem and cross over to Bømlo from here I continue into Moster where I set up camp for the night just as the sun is going down behind all the clods.

Distance for the day 21,7 nautical miles, trash in water x4 and on campsite x14

The more I live my drams the harder it is to know what is real and a dream.

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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