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Part nine, Stadt! The place everyone have warned me about!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day41 I am well rested and just waiting for the wind to slow down! I can see a small window where I can pass Stadt on the weather forecast so at 4pm I can’t wait any more, I get in the kayak and since the tide is going out I decide to go outside the islands, I go straight out from Botnane where I spent the last two nights, I pass Frøya on the east side and ask Frøya for safe passage over Stadt. I Go outside of Bremager and Maaløy. Where after a long talk between the vices in my head if I will camp or just go for it! And advice from my father I make camp just outside of Revik and set my alarm for the first time on this trip for 3am. During the night some locals come for a talk and I’m informed that this place have the wind record I Norway and they are having a music festival in two weeks. After a while I tell them it’s time for me to go to bead zzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 27,4 nautical miles, trash in water x4 and on land x1

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Freyja, wife of Odin, was the fertility and love god. She was consulted in cases of love, pregnancies, and during births. She had the powers over the growth in nature, but she was also a warrior when needed.

Day42 I wake up to my alarm and just want to sleep longer, one hour of sleep is all I got! But I want to pass before the winds from the west starts again. I pass straight over Sildegapet to The Stadt waters first I pass Fokhornet, Hoddevika where there is a surf camp, Buholmen where there is a red warning on the map. DANGER AREA, the Gjellneset, Kjerringa, Frøyaneset and I’m safe! The time is 7.30am and I need to find land for a bathroom brake so I make it to Honningsvaag for a quick brake. The whole way over I have been seeing a fishing boat in the middle of Stadt on marine traffic called Frøya but it was not there. I wonder if it was a sign from the goods that they are watching over me. Next I make my way over the border to Møre og Romsdal. The wind from the west has started and makes it harder right away. Good thing that I started when I did and and now I can feel the one hour of sleep coming back to haunt me so I make my way into a long sandy beach at Kvamsøya. Here I make some food before I pass out in my sleeping bag for two hours. Now I make my way passed Sandøya and into the town of Fosnavaag on Bergsøya. Here I enjoy the local festival, shop and rest while I charge battery and do editing. And as the sun is going down I make my way east side of Bergsøya where I set up camp for the night zzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 35,4 nautical miles, trash in water x23 and on land x3

BTW! They are now in the proses of building a

so ships can pass tug here instead of taking the trip past Stadt. From the maritime authority’s, Stadt ship tunnel will be 1.7 kilometers long, 37 meters high, have a width of 36 meters, and will be able to give vessels the size of Hurtigruta safer sailing in the weather-exposed city sea. NOK 1.5 billion has been allocated to the project in the first plan period, and NOK 1.2 billion in the second plan period for NTP 2018 - 2029. budget for preparatory activities.

Day43 I hope to get an early start but I’m am to tired and end up sleeping to 12am, it’s a windy and rainy day and the body is tired and I smell. I find that this is a good day to do some laundry and take a shower. Not far away is Nautøya and Jessholmen where I have been informed about

a camp site with shower, laundry and a cafeteria. Just what I need while I wait I get cake and do some editing again. Whfen the wash is done I start kayaking my way past Dimna and here I see an eagle being chased away by some seagulls. And right before Ekiksund I find my campsite for the night, it's been a lot of rain on my way but from time to time the sun shines and create beautiful rainbows.

Distance for the day 18,6 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x2

Day44 during the night and morning cold rain has been falling, wether app say 9 Celsius but feels like 3. So I wait in my tent for the rain to stop so can pack down camp, it starts and stops and it's not before 3am I get an window. During my 6h ride I get most of the wind in my back and at the fastest doing 7,5 knots average of 4 knots without using much power. I pass Hareidlandet, sula and Hundeidvik before I set up camp for the night at a stone beach zzzzzz

Distance for the day 22,2 nautical miles, trash in water x4 and on land x9

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