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Part five, So cold and so rested!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

After some rest and charging I leave the local bar and hope to reach Farsund and its finally good conditions for kayaking, some big waves but they are long so it’s just like a roller-coaster up and down. As I’m about to set my course in to port I change my mind and decide to continue to the sandy beaches coming up, a trip by Farsund will be a minimum of 2 hours longer trip, the waves are just getting bigger and bigger but I keep good speed and are just having fun surfing on the waves and when they get more challenging there is a lots of rocks on the beach and big waves so I continue to the little port of Borlaug right before List lighthouse. Here a nice local welcomes me and guides me to the best place to set up camp for the night and I fall asleep to the waves crushing into the shore.

Distance for the day 20,4 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x8

I’m up early in the morning on day 21 and go out to check the conditions and it’s a thick fog so I go back to sleep just to wake up to more fog and it doesn’t disappear before 5 am in the afternoon but that is the time wind picks up so I stay over here one more night just staying in the tent staying warm and resting. It’s not been many days over 10 Celsius lately and in the news they announce that this has been the coldest may in record. And last year was the warmest and driest!

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x3

Day 22 looks so much better, little winds and nice long waves so after some shopping at the local Joker I’m on my way again and when I pass lista lighthouse the waves are coming from all directions, I get a lot of water over me and in the kayak by waves breaking over me here and on the way over to Hidra where the waves comes in on the side. Hidra looks more and more Magical as I get closer, high green mountains stretches up from the sea. As soon I find a place to go in I get out of the kayak and have some sweet sugary bakeries and rest a little. And as I sit there a grope of kayakers pass by and ask if I was the guy kayaking over the crossing from lista? Yes I sad and they were impressed that I took the route straight over and give me some tips for places to relax on my way. One of them just around the corner, Kirkehavn a really nice beach with bathrooms, shower and possibility to charge so I take advantage of all of the options! The shower feels so nice and hot! My first shower in a week! I also spend some time chilling in the sun beading on the beach in my sleeping bag.

A littlebefore 1700 the wind is dropping so I continue my journey and its fantastic, sun I shining and good waves! As the sun is on its way down I reach Sognadlstrand where a man is wondering about my trip and offers me a spot to put up my hammock under his boat house just by the river, I accept and it will be nice not to wake up with a wet tent as rain is coming. I wake up some times to the cold wind but I just cramp myself together and fall easily asleep again.

Distance for the day 23,6 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x9

Day 23 The west coast is the coast I have the least experience with, bigger waves and closest land is England so you have the open ocean on one side and tall mountains going straight down for most of the part and waves crushing inn. Not the place you want to be in high winds and fog and fog and a little wind is what I wake up to so I delay my departure to the afternoon and spend my time at the

where they have a kitchen\living room bathrooms, shower, washer, dryer and Wi-Fi. And as I spend my time there relaxing with some movies I relies that I will not be kayaking today so I go for a hike to the mountains where the fog give a mystical view but you dot see more than some meters before you. After my hike I meet up with some nice sailors for the Champions liege finale at the

. Where soothing just as rare as trolls happen one of the one of the sailors is from Sunnmøre and she bought me a beer! (People from Sunnmøre is known to be stingy) And after Liverpool have won the match I’m back in my tent for some sleep!

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x7

Day24 is another cold and wet morning so I pack down my wet equipment eat my oats mix and get in my kayak, todays goal is Egersund, it’s a nice lap there is some wind and waves but it’s no problem for me and Ida Marie, it’s a Sunday so not much open this day. I take the advice from my sailor friends and continue 4nm to Gyrahavn where there is a nice open cabin with a small beach and pier. It is no one here so I set up my camp in the cabin and start a fire in the fireplace. This is the warmest I have been my whole trip!

Distance for the day 19,9 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on campsite x14

The next morning I’m nice and warm so i start the day with my yoga routine and eat.

and after I kayak my way back to Egersund to shop for food before the next lap. In Egersund I also have a nice talk to the Crew of

(sea rescue ships) in Egersund and they have been watching my movements the last days. Time fly’s so after shopping I kayak back to the cabin where I will have a short break before the long lap past Jæren. After food and a quick whether check I decide to stay one more night and start warm and start early in the morning well rested.

Distance for the day 9,6 nautical miles, trash in water x3 and on campsite x12

The hardest part of kayaking Norway is not the kayaking part but the waiting is! And since it’s so cold, wet and windy you just focus on staying warm.

I cannot describe how amazing this kayak

is! 400nm and still no capsizing!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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