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Part eight, And into the water I fall!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

While i eat my lunch at

I get company from a local kayaker how gives tips and tells me the story about when he tried to kayak around Svalbard! Also the man that works here has travelled to Svalbard. I need to go here one day to! After a little longer lunch than expected I was on my way but it’s going from low to high tides so I don’t get any help from the tides going out, I don’t really care, it’s a beautiful day and I make it out between strandholamne tug Nappslandet, here its millions of jellyfish! Is so nice to see them all up by the surface but it’s to dark for some good photo. I continue until as the sun goes down I find a small spot with room for my tent just by Krosshamnen and as I start setting up the tent so do the rain, Tank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts on my day!

Distance for the day 20,9 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x4

I wake up at day37 expecting clods but gladly I’m wrong! It’s not a clod in the sky it’s just shadow at my spot so I eat, pack down and start paddling. Today goal is Sørbøvaagen where Nathalie, an old friend from my younger days on Nesodden has offered me a bead on her farm that she runs with Herleiv and there children.

I make my way over the Sognefjorden crossing without much winds but when I get on the east side of Losna is like a wind turbine is turned on and the discussion between the voices in my head starts, one say let’s go back while the other one say we are not turn back voices! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so we did and we made it past Skorpa and now I can see Sørbøvaagen on the other side, it takes me a homer until I get over where I want to and find a small boat harbor where I can park my kayak for the night. After a little while watching the amazing landscape I get picked up and taken to a cozy little farm where the main income is from cows but they also have some super cozy dogs, horses and sheep, we eat and give a short recap on life the last 15 years! I also learn a little about farming and the windmill problems we are facing here in Norway before we go to bed for the night zzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 21,5 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x2

In the morning day38 I wake up in a warm bed and breakfast is ready and after breakfast they drive me back to my kayak. Just as I get out of the car the sky opens so I just jump into my dry suite and walk the rest of the way. The kayak is safe and it’s a mystical fog over the waters and thick clouds over the mountain tops. I make my way west I get the wind from the south so I go behind an island for shelter so I can fix my gopro that has started to freeze from time to time. When I try to get back in the kayak my hand slips and I go into the cold waters with my zipper open! I’m like a Lion and fly out of the water in seconds! Now I get naked and dry up what I can dry in one hour, the whet suite is dry but the rest is going to need more time. I make my way around the corner tug Korssund where I go take some food and an enthusiastic man records my story in one minute and posts it to his FB. And when I make it out I make my way into Askøy for a little break. After this I make my way around to the North West corner, here some wind and rain hits so I go into land to relax and find out if I will keep going. Its past 8pm now, the keep going voice wins but a local man comes out to see if I was stealing his engine and when he saw I was just a hippie he recommended me to stay the night, it’s now two against one so I say yes and set up my camp for the night to a beautiful sunset!

Distance for the day 18,6 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x6

Right outside of here is a huge envier mental disaster just waiting to happen, 65 ton of mercury in an old German submarine has started to leak out into the North Sea and if we don’t take action soon a big part of the coast might be effected!


was torpedoed by an English submarine outside Fedje in 1945 with 65 tons of mercury on board. The submarine was found in 2003. Mercury is converted to

by degradation in the environment, and then migrates into the food chain. Shellfish and fish will over time store the environmental toxin, which will grow higher in the food chain. Methylmercury is harmful to organisms, and 100% is absorbed into the body from food containing the environmental toxin. There is no lower limit to the harmfulness of methyl mercury.

There are many indications that U-864 contains radioactive material, uranium oxide. The submarine must be raised and the mercury must be removed from the marine environment. The bottom must be sucked off to bring in leaked mercury. Covering is not an option, as we do not have control over a cover because of. Possible earthquakes and extinction, as well as the construction will weather over time. Concrete and reinforcement do not have eternal durability.

Raising is the best for the environment. We must pay attention to future generations in a longer perspective, then it is a good investment to remove the pollution from the marine environment. This cost can afford today, as Norway has enough wealth to take the job.

Day 39 starts to the wonderful sound of birds and bees and the sun is shining on my tent. I go straight over east of tansøy and make my way to south part of the Florølandet where I after a little searching I find a small entrance to a small canal that takes me straighttot the north side and after fighting the wind that has started I'm finally in the port of Florø. I do some shopping for food and an extra power bank. Now I'm searching for a place to charge and just by the port is a

where I get a place to charge with coffee and waffles on the house! Excellent services! After some hours the rain stops and it seems the wind is calming down. I get in the kayak and start kayaking north passed Rota and Nærøyene and the wind from the south is strong! I'm doing 5-6 knots and the waves are coming over the kayak and more and more water is coming in and as soon I find a little shelter i empty the kayak for water and try to check out the weather forecast. I can't get a signal so I take the chance, it's really nice just surfing with the wind in my back but as I turn the Cape I find myself in a wind turbine agin. This time on my side, it's so strong that I have to lean in to the wind so I won't capsize. I realise I need to get back to land fast! I find a sheltered little spot with a open boat house where I get some food while I consider my next move. The voices in my head agree not to go out so I take a trip to the closest farm and I have to fight the wind walking there. I get an ok to put up my hammock in the boat house so I set up my camp and go to sleep.

Distance for the day 23,3 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x1

Day40 is just as windy! so i take a well deserved resting day in Gardsvika. Just chilling in my ticket to the moon hammock and during the the lady of the farm comes over with the kid, cat, and dog with some local eggs for lunch! Thank you so much for you're hospitality!

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

I get a message from Torgeir from


and he is sending me a better life jacket and an extra paddel to make my days safer. Once again thank you!

I also talk to my friend Marius who is using fixing the house as a excuse not to come kayaking with me before he asks me not to die on the way. My answer was, more people die in there homes than kayaking!

And i have been contacted by a swedish man named Andreas, he is also kayaking Norway. He started at grande Jacobs elv and is south west of Honningsvåg on day 19.

God luck Andreas!!!!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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