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Part 15, Helgelandstrappa, Rødøyløva, Artic circle, friends and lots of wild life!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day70 starts with breakfast made by my mom and Kjell and a trip to Helgelandstrappa Norway’s longest stairs when the shepherds from Nepal are finished, I leave my uncle at the start and set my pace and as always bare footed! It’s a really nice hike! And with the sun out suddenly there are a lot of people out hiking. First I make my way up the first set of stairs, I pass a lot of people on the way and on the top is where a lot of people end there hike but it is possible to continue, And so I do! After a short walk you find the stairs again and but the suddenly there is stop sign and a route around the area the shepherds are working on.

I just keep walking past snow and lakes following the markings until I make my way to the top of øyfjellet 800 m.a.s.l. it’s a good trip and its not to hard so most people can do it just give yourself the time you need.

Now it’s just to get down again, on my way I’m stopped by a lot of people asking why I go barefoot I tell them it’s more natural, better for knees and your back! I haven used shoes for 10 weeks now! Some takes off their shoes and others takes some photos of me. I play around and takes some photos on the way down to.

Well down again and I meet up with my guests and eat before they take me down to the kayak we plane to meet up 15nm on the way out of the fjord for some lunch. After some hours I see my mom waving me inn, the road is closed due to avalanches so we will have to do lunch a little before planed. It’s really nice to see them all again and after lunch we say our goodbyes and I’m on my way again heading out of the fjord. As I get closer to the bridge by Sandnessjøen I get the wind in my back and I now understand why I have been warned about winds from the east in the fjords so I make my way into a small port where I find a nice place to set camp for the night and some really nice people to chat with while I eat my food before bead zzzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 24,3 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x6

Day71 I pack down my camp and get in my kayak heading into town, on my way inn I see Hurtigruta in the port and as I get out of the kayak and about to start searching for a food store one of the locals asks me to sit down with him and have a morning beer with him, I say no first but he insists so I politely sit down and have a beer with him this beautiful Friday morning. After a nice take I say my goodbyes and he tries to offer me another beer but I tell him thank you but no I have to do some shopping and get going. I do my shopping and head on out again, I make it to Horn and I feel tired so I go into a small port for some sleep until the tides turns. I wake up well rested and time it perfect and starts kayaking a little passed 9pm, I get an incredible sundown and sunrise on my way true some beautiful islands until I get to Kvaløya where I set up camp at 4am in the morning zzzzz

Distance for the day 33,4 nautical miles, trash in water x5 and on land x2

Day72 I wake up around 9am and after the normal routine I am back in my kayak and heading for Rødøya where Helge and Hanne have been kayaking for some days, Helge was one of the kayakers I meat on the Lighthouse outside of Trondheim waiting for Hurtigruten. So I make my way to Vikingen where one the Arctic Circle monument is placed at 66.33 degrees north. So now I am kayaking in Artic waters!

I make my way passed Rangsundøya and Gjerdøya where the north winds starts but I push my way to Rødøya where I meet up with Helge and Hanne,

they are planning to hike to the top of Rødøyløva(

: 443 m) and ask if I want to join? I was planning to rest a little but I LOVE a good hike so I say yes! The shepherds from Nepal have also been here so we have some nice stairs on the first part up.

And for the second part it is first almost flat then it’s more of an climb. We make it up to what I believe to be the top after one hour but I see someone on an top higher up so I make my way to them and wile I sit here talking to the hikers some come down form a part I didn’t think was possible to do safely but if they can do it so can I so I head on up to the top of the tops! Here there are a photo from when the TV show 71grader nord was here and a log book. We take some photos before we head on down again to our kayaks.

Due to high winds we decide to set up camp by Klokkegaarden but we are stupid enough to ask and get a strong NO, we don’t understand why so I go and talk to the man that sad no and find out that due to that other campers have made a mess before so he sends us to a beach on the west side of the island. On the way out the other kayakers deside to start on their way south so we say our goodbyes.

I kayak into the beautiful sandy beaches just as the sun is going down behind the mountain so I set up my tent as Fast as possible so I don’t get eaten by the mosquitos and fall asleep zzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 14,3 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x21

Day73 At 3am I’m awake again and ready for a new day, I pack down camp and start kayaking against Bodø. It’s a nice day with a soft and warm wind from the east and cloudy. I make my way to the island of Bolga where I take a short bake and have my second breakfast before 8am. After I make my way past Meløy until I make my way to

(port) where I get my morning coffee and a good lunch while I charge my batteries end edit. I get good service here and I get a private guided trip in the museum in the second floor. Thank you Støtt brygge for good service!

I keep kayaking for 4 hours and on my way I see a lot of porpoises and Atlantic puffins popping op next to my kayak and on my way a boat full with happy people enjoying the nice sun that has returned stops for a talk and gives me two beers for when I’m done for the day. I find a little beach right before Sor Femris at 7pm where I make camp and fall asleep zzzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 31,4 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x4

Day74 and I’m up and in my kayak before 2am, I absolutely love kayaking in the night, it never really gets dark now and it’s nice and quiet! I make my way into Sundfjord by entering from the west going south, I then turn the cape and start going north. There is so much life here this morning, different wales, puffins and seals are popping up around me and eagles are flying over me.

I make a turn to the west at Kjellingstraumen, I know I shod stop here and rest until the tide tunes so I don’t kayak against the tides but I just want to make it to my resting place so I push on and just before 11am I make it to the end of Beiar Fjord in 2,5 hours right after 10am.

I haven’t had internet service for some hours now and my friend Alex is nowhere to be seen so after a short brake I start my way up river where I finally get internet service so I call Alex and he gets out of bead to pick me up. Alex and his girlfriend Frida pikes my up and takes me to their hose where they live with Jostein. I get a well needed shower and wash my smelly clothes. During the evening we go on a small road trip to see Bodø, Saltstraumen and some beautiful scenery along the way, we stop by a Viking area and sound a football field with football so we ended up running around for hours and suddenly its long past midnight and it’s still almost daylight. It’s hard to keep track of time when it never gets dark but sometime in the morning we all fall asleep back at the house zzzzzzzzz

Distance for the day 29,4 nautical miles, trash in water 1 and on land 33

Day75 and 76 ends up as a classic relaxing day just a lot of good food, board games and movies! Thank you for a super stay! I will miss you all!

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on land x0

Midnight dancing, photokred #

Going strong even in artic waters un Ida Marie aka


In other news! My Swedish kayaking college Andreas have passed Stadt and going strong! And two kayakers reached Grense Jakobselv 93 days after staring by the Swedish border 3 days after the goal due to some bad weather just at the end. Respect!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the

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