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Part 12, Life was not supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be hard! I love this journey!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

We are still on Day55 and on the end of the day I see a black fin popping up twice in front of me and it’s an orca! I’m 99% Shure and after telling the locals what I have seen they tell me that they like to hang around here and it’s also here free willy lived out his last days. I get a tip from the nice lady that works at the guest farm abut a bay with a beach not far from here where it’s nice to camp. On my way out the sea is boiling of herring and mackerel so its plenty of food for the orcas here I keep scouting for them but no luck so I set my camp and get eat some food. While I’m eating I hear a dear doing his mating calls, I put my head out of the tent and he is 5-6m away and did not look very happy to see me so I get back in the tent before he gets angry! And I go to sleep just as the rain start falling hard.

I wake up on day56 with a pond of water in my tent and water inside of my sleeping but I don’t rely care I’m so happy about my orca sighting so I make my breakfast and while I eat the rain finally stops, I get my ass out of the tent and pack down. It’s so much fish here that I just need to fish for maximum 30 second’s at the time to get food. The wind has calmed down and the sun is coming out from the clouds from time to time. I decide to try to get over to Hitra from Grisevaagøya but after an hour fighting the North wind and waves I have to turn around since the waves are braking over the kayak and the cockpit is now 70% filled with water and as soon as I get a little calmer water is start emptying it I now get into Melland where I think I can pass true but no luck here so I have to make my way back to the passing by Grisevaagøya and lose about 4 hours on my little wrong turn. I keep thinking that soon things will go my way and keep going true Lesund until I get to Vihalsen. I go to the local shop and ask about where I can get a shower (I haven’t had one since Geiranger) a washing machine and a dryer for my sleeping bag. The answer is that Trondheim is probably the closest one…. I’m thinking this will be a cold night and sit down to relax and eat, then the nice lady comes back and tells me that she had talked to the lady in the flower shop and they have a shower I can use! When I get there I also ask about the dryer and she invites me to her home to her farm for a bead, food, wash, drying shower and really good company…. Thank you Hilde you saved my day and night! A big topic here and everywhere I go are the windmills and I listen to Hilde and her friend Torunn telling me about how much resources are being used, oil, dead birds and bugs….. And I’m getting surer that this is not as green as they want us to believe. The companies are offering a lot of money to build the windmills in the different areas telling everyone how good this is! I believe history has shown us that when corporate company’s offer a lot of money to do things to nature it is never a good thing and often the end of nature as we know it in the areas. I will try to get more information and wright one article about what I learn soon but what I do know is that this shod be stopped for now until we have all the information on the table! All the people of Norway shod be allowed to vote on this not just the politicians that might gain on this after their political career! So please people unite and say no for now! It’s scary how little we have been informed before they have put up so many and we have to protect nature so the next generation also can enjoy the silence and peace we have here. If you have good info about what is happening let me know and if you live next to one I would really love to talk to you! Btw all the animals I have seen on all the farms I have visited are loved and well taken care of, in the resent documentary’s by NRK they have uncovered the worst of the worst and that is good! But don’t blame all farmers for their wrong doing! It is so much LOVE on the Norwegian farms!

Distance for the day 20,5 nautical miles, trash in water 3x and on land 4x

Day57 It’s nice to wake up warm and dry in a bead again! As I walk down the stairs I hear gooooooood morning coming from the kitchen so I return the gooooooood morning! Food is on the table and coffee is ready I also get a really nice and warm homemade wool sweater so I will keep warm for the rest of the trip! Thank you once again Hilde for your hospitality!

At 11am I’m on my way again but it’s too warm now so I have to make a stop and find a magical Viking ship named Munin, its awesome!

I make my way out and start kayaking north against Trondheim with Hitra on my North side, the wind and waves are in my back and I’m surfing at speed up to 7,5 knop and almost overtake the sailing boat in front of me. When I reach Hemnskjela I take a lunch brake and find out where to go next, I have been recommended the sandy beaches of Stora at the far east end of Hitra so I make my way there, and it’s a really nice beach! But when I look a little closer it is full of plastic! So I start picking and I don’t stop until I have filled up over 50l of trash while small flies are baiting me, I’m not happy about most of humanity at the moment! You can see that people have been camping around bonfires and tried to hide the trash plus all the trash from the sea! I’m almost at the point of crying, I see the beauty of nature and the destructive nature of man and it hurts my hart! After this I put up my camp, eat and fall asleep. It is too much trash for me to transport off the island so I send a request that Hitra kayak club will take responsibility, hopefully they will.

Distance for the day 23,2 nautical miles, trash in water x23 and on land x more than 50 liter

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. Lord Byron

Day58 I’m up at 6am and off by 7am, I’m headed to Storfosna before the winds from the north start, I feel tiered but make it there just before ten and make it to the store just as they open then I head back to the marina for some food and relaxing. And at 12 I want to see if I can kayak but as I get closer to the bridge I find that it’s no point in existing myself more by fighting my way over so I make camp on a beach and fall asleep for some hours and this is when the sun comes out for some hours making my tent nice and warm. The weather forecast doesn’t look good before 4am the next day so I just relax and do some reading and writing and when i'm out of power on my laptop I head back to the marina where I stay the rest of the night and camp at the stage for the night. Here they have a small shop, showers and bathrooms you can use for a small fee.

Distance for the day 13,4 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on land x9

Day59 up and ready in the kayak before 6am and I have a message from Helge at Hitra kayak club, he is going to Hurtigrutens day at

and invites me to go there, I decide to check it out and when I arrive there at 9am I’m welcomed by the hosts at the lighthouse, they have seen me on Marine traffic and was wondering what I was. I’m invited inn for breakfast at this amazing place from 1880 that you can rent and brig your friends and family for some time away from everyday life! I decide to stay until Hurtigruta is passing even if that means more wind later in the day.

After the rain the sun finally takes over and full Viking ship style boats are full of people vising to visits the lighthouse and enjoy the sun as Hurtigruten passes at 4pm. Everyone are happy and waffles, jelly and coffee are being sold at the lighthouse I am really happy that I stayed here for this! And as Hurtigruten passes the lighthouse I kayak out and follow it north against winds of 7ms and after two hours I decide to go into the small port of Djupfest where I find NES guest harbor with showers, kitchen and a living room I can finish up part 12 before I set up my camp for the night.

Distance for the day 12,7 nautical miles, trash in water 0 and on land 0

And a big thanks to all of my followers! I get so much support messages and calls! 

Almost two months together, and no problems! True LOVE! Ida Marie aka

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Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

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