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Kayaking Norway part two, made it to my home town Arendal!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day6 start with scramming kids and after Raymond has taken the kid to school he makes me a English breakfast, good as always! And after I have finished writing part1 i say godbye to Alisa he drives me back to Tangen where i left the kayak, everything looks good and after saying goodbye. I start at 1200 and kayak to the tip of Strømlangen where I start my voyage over to Vestfoll, there is some waves and wind but no problems and after 3,5h of kayaking I make it over to

where I have a short brake and a protein bar before I kayak my way into the fjord of Tønsberg where I find my campsite for the night at Lindholmen right before sundown, I set up camp and fall asleep to an amazing sundown!

Distance for the day 21,6 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x1

The next morning I wake up at 0830 and go out of the tent and the first thing I see and hear from the sea is two whales coming up for air, I keep scouting and hear them one more time before they are gone so I eat up and start kayaking at 1000. I pass the peninsulas by Sandefjord, and as I kayak past Stavern this sunny perfect day several seals come to check me out. Next I pass Nevlunghavn and now I’m so hot in my dry suite so I have to stop and take it off before i can continue my way to Langesund shirtless, an amazing feeling in the 16th of May sun! I make it in to Langesund and see my friend Sven-Ragnar waving. He has one of the best places to work in the world!

where I also have worked some sessions when they need extra crew on big fjord trips. For dinner he have prepared shrimps and Loff (white bread). A real south Norwegian summer meal! And after a lot of food and some beer I get a room in his self-renovated 1750 house, it’s like stepping back in time!

Distance for the day 23,8 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x0

Next morning is Norways national day! I’m up before seven and my friend have already made me scrambled eggs for breakfast with we enjoy on his pier. At 0900 I’m saying my goodbyes again and I keep on heading south, the waves are big and it’s windy so I decide to go inside of the islands for protection and I find a nice passing between Gumøy and Langøy and as I kayak to Kragerø I see a group of kayakers at Grisen(i think) so I kayak back to them for some lunch and tips, Svein-Ragnar have packed me lunch and sweets with a note to have a safe trip! i realy enjoyed eating lunsj with super friendly kayakers and after talking to them I felt safe to make my way to Risør past Portør. All the way out to Portør I have to fight wind and

and as I make it out there I think to myself why did I do this, waves from every directions but Ida Marie is steady and we make it all the way to Risør where I set up camp for the night at a small island called Store Vardøya.

Distance for the day 25,5 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x2

During the night Rain and cold winds pick up and I wait out the storm. I start packing down the wet equipment and eat at 1100 and at 1200 I’m in the kayak heading for Risør to get some more food and water where I meet a really nice couple for a good talk. At 1300 i'm on my way again and after Sildeodden its smooth kayaking! I Make my way in Lyngør an old town soo beutifull! Here I stop by

where they served me one of the best fishing sups I have had in my life!(yes father yours is also one of the best!) And over my sup I get to know some guests that are very interested in my travels so we talk for some time before we go our separate ways. My route goes (As my father recommended) outside of Askerøya, Sandøya and Borøya where some goats welcome me and inn Kilesund amazing scenery! And as the sun goes down I can see Tromøya and I set up my camp at Buøya where I see the sun go down on one side and the full moonrise on the other! What a view to fall asleep to!

Distance for the day 20,3 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on stop x7

Last 5nm to Arendal goes fast, wind, current all in my back! I don’t start until 1100 due to whet equipment that needed to dry up in the sun. I pass the bridge to Trommøy and into Pollen and Arendal city right after 1200, here I meet up with my sister, her children and Granma for some food and my uncle and aunt swings by in there boat. It’s nice to see them all aging and after a good shower I go to a bar to wright Part two where first a friend shows up then my auntie and cusine also shows up! Super nice to see them all again!

Distance for the day 17 nautical miles, trash in water x2 and on campsite x0

I end up spending the night at my friends sebastian place and watch the last episode of game of thrones In the morning.

It feels good to be back where I was born, a big thanks to all my friends and you random souls on the way you make this journey even better!

Also thanks to Odin and

for giving me Ymir for this journey!

Some questions I get a lot of:

When will you be here?

This is a really hard question! It depends on my body, the weather and what route I chose but I hope to do a minimum of 100 nm (185km) per week.

Let me know when you are close to me!

I will try to keep control but my old list died with my phone on day -1 so please wright me when I get close!

Do you want to stay at my place? Yes sometimes that’s nice but most of the time i want to spend out in nature, if I need shower then yes! but if not you are more than welcome to join my camp! joine me out to the wild!

And please don’t call me! It’s a distraction if I try to navigate and it’s not always safe. Send me a message and I will call you if I have battery for a call.

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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