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Kayaking Norway part three, so much wonderful weather!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. Lord Byron

Monday morning and day 11 starts at 8 am with Game of thrones, and its finally over! And I have to say I’m a little disappointed! And after I’m off to Arendal to do some equipment shopping my SD card is full so I need a hard drive and I find it at the first shop. As I arrive in pollen where the kayak spent the night my uncle comes down to wish me a good trip.

The trip goes true Nidelv a fresh water river that will take me out to the sea, a really nice trip up memory lane, had so much fun in this river growing up! I make it out to the sea in good speed and i get wind and waves in my back right away and I’m averaging 4-5 knots and the storm is following me all the way to Homborsund lighthouse, it was perfect and as I get my kayak out of the water the storm caches up to me and reduces visibility to just 10-20m and the wind is picking up.

There is no one at the lighthouse so I ask my father to contact them and see if it’s ok for me to stay in the boat house where they have all you need and the reply is NO Problem! Do you want to use the house also? I say Yes to the boat house and get comfortable and relax with some blue planet on my computer. Right before midnight my father shows up in his boat the dream and after some beers we are off to bead.

Distance for the day 16,6 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x3

Day 12 is my first resting day so my father starts the day making me an omelet before we are off to the store and after some fishing. We got cod, herring and Pollock and my father makes another really good dish and we eat until it hurts and after some beers we are off to bead again.

I will highly recommend Homborsund Lighthouse to all! Single and family! They have multiple rooms with a lot of beads and it’s also possible to put up camp. If you pay the member fee of 100nok you will have a bead and use of kitchen, living room, shower and more! for just 300nok(100 for children) a night Check out

for more info! This is one of my favorite places in the world!

Distance for the day 0 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x0

Day 13 is another windy day and cold day and now I have the wind right in my face all the time so my speed goes down a little, my father joined me for the day so we drop by Lillesand where I get a shower and wash my clothes before we head out again and we goes true some really nice places on the way, in as you pass under the bridge to Justøya we also find the signature of King Olav from 1965 in gold in the mountainside and next to it King Harald and Queen Sonja from 2006. My father guides me out to Nilen where we camp for the night he makes some fish sup for dinner and after some beers I’m off to sleep in my tent and he in the Dream.

Distance for the day 12,3 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x a lot of smal plastic from fishing rope

Day 14 the wind is not stopping and its blowing at 10 m/s right from the way I’m going I have to take the long routes inside of the island to get a little cower but sometimes I have to go outside of the island where I have no protection. Here the waves is big! At the start you feel so small but after you get more comfortable you feel like a Viking! My father is still following me and takes a ton of photos and videos on the way. We make our way true old Hellevika where my boss has bought a hole island and as we pass Skottevik we find out it’s time for a food brake before my father goes back home. Here I make the mistake of leaving my GoPro in the kayak and when I return it’s gone! Now I’m going to be out 3500 Nok to get new camera and extras, my budget is on fire! I say my goodbyes to my father by the bridge at Indre Ulvøya. I pass under and I’m back in big waves and high winds! Now they are hitting me from the side this is also no problem for me and my kayak! I wonder where our limit goes. I give myself some time at Revesund before I’m back at the waves. THEY ARE JUST GETTING BIGGER but only for a short time, I get protection by going inside of Torsøya and Randøyene and its calming down as I cross over Kristiansand to Bragdøya, I follow the beautiful island on the North side so I kayak between two islands and you get a feeling that it’s a magical feeling and you are just waiting for trolls to jump out!

My Goal is Bragdøya kystlag on the west side, it’s a beautiful bay and some buildings, piers and lots of nice wooden boats! I like it! I knock on the door and a relay nice lady opens and ask if I’m the son of Trond, she have seen on Facebook that I’m in the area and I’m invited in for some fish sup, cake and vine. There is as always a lot of questions so I tell my story to them. After a while I also get an apartment for the night right over the boat house where they make wooden boats as they did in the old times and I’m invited to a ukulele concert with over 20 ukulele! It’s really cool and they play here every last Thursday in the month. After the concert I say my thanks for the hospitality and go to sleep for the night in a warm bead. The hospetality is amazing and if you are planing a trip alone or a work event check out the homepage

Distance for the day 15,5 nautical miles, trash in water x0 and on campsite x0

Day15 I take my good time getting out of the apartment doing some editing and breakfast and a little before 12 I’m off to Kristiansand where I need to find a new GoPro. It’s nice kayaking trip over and true town and I kayak inn to the beach in Nodeviga and a short walk to

where a really nice and helpful young man helps me get what I need and give me the discounts he can, thank you for super service! Next up is

where I get some coffee while I charge my gopro and finish editing this post

I don’t know if it’s possible to capsize with this kayak!! So stabile!

See where I am on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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