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Kayak Norway from border to border statistics from 1989 to now

Hello everyone!

During my last kayaking adventure i was contacted by Bengt Larsson a swedish kayak enthusiast that have kayaked the swedish coast 5 times!

He told me he had started on a list over all that had kayaked the norwegian coast from border to border along the coast all the way without shortcuts.

All in all 13 people have made the list! it all started with the legend Jim Danielsson in 1989.

Last years i was the first to do the route back to back in one go and this year Daniel Salbu set a new record in shortest amount of days!

Preliminary Unofficial list of people who have paddled the entire coast of Norway - any directionfrom Grense Jakobselv at the Norwegian/Russian border to Swedish territorial waters and vice versa.

Note1. Jim Danielsson then continued paddling in Swedish, Danish and Finnish waters.The total number of days was 148 days and the journey was 6379 kilometers long(average/day 43,191 km) and ended on September 1 at the home jetty at Svima Sport in Solna.Jim has written a book "148 days in sea kayaking" (Bokförlaget T. Fischer & Co) about the whole journey, published in 1993. The book was published in 1999 in a second edition.

2. Takehiro Shibata paddled 63 of the total 109 days the trip lasted.

The average of these 63 days was 48,317 km.Days that he did not paddle werehe blew in and also for a short break to meet his wife in another place in Norway.The longest paddling stage was 122 km.

3. Petri Sutinen divided his Norway paddling into two time periods, namely June 6-19 (14 days) and July 7-August 10 (35 days) = a total of 49 paddling days and with the break of 17 days between June 20-July 6, it means that the total number of days the trip lasted from start to finish is 66. Petri himself hasanother "time calculation" regarding the number of paddling days, see below, which he states as 48 and which he also published in print in his account of the trip, which however does notmakes his paddling less significant for that reason.

Petri has written a book "Se suuri meriretki" ("The great ocean paddling") published by the publisher Gummerus Kirjapaino Oy in 2000.

After his trip to Norway, Petri continued to paddle the Swedish coast (HBB) which he completed in 23 days during the time period 13.8-4.9.

The 23 days is still the fastest time anyone has paddled HBB.

4. Barbro "Babs" Lindman has written a book about her Norway paddling.

The title of the book is "Kayaking adventure along the Norwegian coast" with the subtitle "an adventure in kayak with thought" and the book was published in 2008 at Vildmarksbiblioteket.

5. Tom Amundsen became the first Norwegian to paddle the entire coastline of his own country!

6-7.Klara Jansson is a Swedish citizen, but lived in Odense at the time of the paddling.

Evelynn Brattström and Klara Jansson paddled the Swedish coast from Svinesund to Haparanda in the summer of 2005 in 49 days, but not HBB.

8. James Baxter started this tour (skiing, cycling and paddling) on the first of January 2009 and over the next four months he skied the 270 milesup the entire length of Norway from Lindesnes in the south to Kinnarodden in the north.

Then he continued on a "snowy bike" on wintry roads for 40 miles across northern Norway tothe Russian border at Grense Jakobselv.

There he began the 330-mile paddling trip back along the entire coast of Norway to the south and up to Oslo.

Approximately half of this 640-mile route is above the Arctic Circle.

9. Erik B. Jørgensen continued with the Swedish coast (HBB) the same day (29.6) after paddling the coast of Norway in 86 days and 2896 km.

The Swedish HBB Sweden's coast was conquered in 58 days after 2301 km paddled finish on 25.8 and on 27.8 Erik finally tackled the Finnish coast (BVB), which took 31 days and 1241 km and finished the 26.9.

Erik plans to write a book about his trip to Scandinavia.

Total for Erik's three coasts: 175 days and 6438 km an impressed result and thus is Erik the first to paddle the coasts of Norway, Sweden and Finland in one go! In the icy winter of 2010, Erik paddled the coast of Denmark (RHB) in 49 days with 1237 km covered. From that trip, Erik has written a book "DANMARK RUNDT I KAJAK" with the subtitle "Ice winter 2009/10" which was published in November 2011.

10. Sören Kjellkvist has no imminent plans for an HBB paddling according to information in the fall of 2013.

11. Andreas Alvehus After many kayaking trips to Norway Andreas got some time off work to finally padle the norwegian coast before his 40th birthday.

Joachim and Andreas meet halfway in 2019 for a short talk.

12-13 Joachim Larssen - his hometown Nesodden is in Viken county in southeastern Norway and includes the capital Oslo.

On his blog, Joachim writes about the Norway paddling in 2021: "I arrived at the border 6.7 and turned around after 15 minutes perhaps and paddled almost all the way to Kirkenes and there was a few days of rest before I started again.

In 2019, Joachim was also out on the paddling trip around Norway's coast from south to north starting on 14.5, but was content to finish atThe North Cape Plateau, which he rounded on 9/9 after 119 days of paddling.

The distance here was 3789 kilometers.

In 2022 Joachim tried to paddl Oslo-Tariffa but had to stop in Denmark and ended up kayaking to Finland insted along the Swedish coast.

14. With the 2022 paddling, Daniel Salbu is the paddler who has paddled the Norwegian coast in the least number of days, namely 63, two fewer than the Swedishthe ladies Evelynn Brattström and Klara Jansson who paddled in 65 days in 2009.Empty.the admittedly talented Finn Petri Sutinen with his 66 days in 1999 have been beaten... But coastal paddling is of course not a competition, even if the number of days etc. is noted.

A big Thank you to Bengt Larsson for taking the time to collect this information!

Thanks to all of you that have contributed with your advenchures!

If you know of someone that should be on the list just write me.

And good luck to all you that will give this amazing adventchure a go! send me a PM!

Here are the link for HHB challange alonge the Swedish coast.

Lots of Love

Joachim Larssen

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