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Equipment List

Oppdatert: 11. jan. 2023

A lot of pepole have been asking about my equipment so i have made a list for you!

I am a little delayed now but i am done with the flu and hope to start on wednesday.

From Norse and

Norse Ymir, Ymir is my favorite kayak in the world! I got Ymir before i kayaked Norway in 2019 and there was no doubt that Yimr wold joine me on my 2021 and 2022 adventure.

Thanks to i got in contact with the good peppole at LevelSix.

And since i kayak Ymir it was inportent to me to get an Odin drysuit.

I also have Tow Line from LevelSix that i got insted of flowers after my talk in Bergen.

Other LevelSix eqipment i will bring are the Ace Sprayskirt, Vulkan Insulating suit, and 2xLarge Carabiner. also conected me to Silva where i got all of my dry baggs from smal to big, I also got 2 new backpacks the Orbit 25L, Waterproff case for my phone.

To move forward you need paddels and i am bringing one brand new euro paddles the whiskey fiberglass from AquaBound and my old wing paddle from Kayner that i got from

For this years camp i have made a big change!

No tent but insted i will bring a hammock with net and a tarp.

This way i take away one of my biggest problem from last year, broken tent pools.

To set up my camp i use my old Ticket to the moon hammock and net.

And my brand new Hilleberg tarp XP10 from AddNature

I also use my LevelSix tow line so i can hang eqipment at camp.

For sleeping pad my chhoice fall on a thermarest sleeping pad

And for sleepingbags i will bring the two sleepingbags from most of the last trip an Hysky that they clame will work down to -4 but at 0 is when i need to use my summerbag outside and a net on the inside. my favorite sleepingbag is the Mammut Protect Down Bag Sovepose -18°C L but its a little owerkill for this trip.

When i kayak i have lost some sunglasses but hopfully i will ba able to keep my new sunglasses, my choise are ment for climbers but i think they are perfect for kayaking also. The Vermont Classic Spectron 3CF also look really cool.

On my head i use a thin red hatt when it is more than 0, and if i get to hot i just dip it in the sea and for colder days i have a wool hat that reflecs in the dark.

My PFD has been in use since the 2019 trip and on it i have my M2 dive watch from scubapro and on the other shoulder i have an garmin inreach mini that was given to my from Flasken.

And in the pocket i have a knife in case annything knife related and a old schole phone from Doro and Samsung xcover around my neck in a phone case from Silva.

For sprayskirt i use Ace from LevelSix

Underneth my Odin drysuit i normaly use an Vulcan insulating uni suit from LevelSix.

I also use shoes from NSR and on cold days wool socks.

In front inside of my cocpit i store a 10L water storage bag from SeaToSumit, the tow line from LevelSix, a shaker from Nike and a pee botle.

On top of my cocpit i have a GoalZero nomad 10 solarcell (last year i uesd the nomad50 but it is a little big) paked inside of a dry bag from Silva and on top of that i have my Gopro h9 ready for magical moments.

I also keep an ekstra set of paddles for emergensyes.

Behind me i have a hand pump and some simple fishing eqipment.

In the front i have my clothes, most of what i bring are old clothes but in my warm emergency bag i have made some upgrades.

I ordered some really good super underwear from Brynje of Norway

I contacted them for advice and was told this would be perfect for my trip:

when the flu hit me i uesd all four and it was mutch more comftertebol to use than my other clothes! I also have a wool hatt, wool soks and a wool sweater i got from my grandmother for christmas.

In an other inportant bag i have 2 sleeping bags and a Survival bag.

In an other bag for tecnical eqipment like chargers and powerbanks.

In my back hatch i have a Drybag with first aid eqipment for Ymir and myself.

I have a gas kitchen i got from my mom in 2019, Knife, fork, spoon, boowl, camping eqipment, night lights for night kayaking, hygenic bag, dive mask and a fishing line.

And last in the day hatch i have full of food! My diet are vegetarian based but i never say no of meat are offered to me.

I hope to start from Engelsviken on wednesday!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler


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