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Freediving in Phuket part 2

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Finally back in Phuket and I Check-in to my room at

, the kitchen is closed but she insist on making me a good meal and I can’t say no to her cooking! It’s really good as always and with a good meal in me I’m ready for bead so I can be ready for freediving tomorrow.

I wake up at 7 am in the morning reedy for my pre Freediving routine, I start out with an hour of yoga before my oats with oat milk, goji berry’s and vegan protein powder and one hole coconut. After my meal I get my equipment ready and lie down for some relaxation and visiolation. I’m just 10 min for the pier so I just lie there with my eyes closed until my alarm goes off.

At 10 am I meet up with the others at the pier and it’s good to see them! I’m really looking forward to get back under water again! We get in the Longtail boat and after 40 minutes of catching up and getting to know the new freedivers we are at the dive spot. We start up at the wreck a dive site we use for beginners and playing around, Nora takes one boey and an AIDA4 freediver and I takes the other one. After one hour of training and some playing around its break time with nuts and some H2O before we head out to 25m so we can train a little deeper, we are all just enjoying to be back in the water! And after one hour we pack up the gear and get back on the boat and head back to Chalong pier and we are all smiling happy with the dive of the day. After a dive we go for some food ether at

or happy days and after a day of diving, food is what the body needs!

This is what a Normal open water day looks like and the next day we were out again only a little deeper this time and the next day was a resting day before my AIDA master course starts. On my day off I did as close to nothing as I can, just trying to be as mental and physical reedy as possible.

I start up my morning routine as normal the next day,

gives me info about the skills of the day, rescue at 20m, rescue one fin at 15m, take off snorkel and mask at 20m and swim back up, hang at 30m and some other skills all of them goes with no problem and when all the skills are done we just enjoyed some dives to 30m. A good day of freediving!

The next days are used in classroom and pool due to high winds and everything goes good on exams and pool training except the 3.30 min static witch took me a lot longer then I want to wright but I made it and I had earned my 4th AIDA star!

Next up is The instructor course where I will need to show teaching quality demonstrations of everything, starting with classroom teaching Boyles Law, Daltons law, equalization for advanced and how to do the frenzel technique, draw and explain how air acts from inhalation all the way to exhalation, nutrition, yoga and a lot more! It’s a lot to store in my brain but thanks to good teachers I get true it.

And then in the pool, lots of pool due to high vinds! Teaching rescue, duck dives, static, dynamic and we also had some time to play around and train on no fins dynamic.

Edited and second fighter

And after over a week we are finally back out in the ocean, the winds have calmed down and after too long time out of the ocean we are finally back in the big blue!

Also here a lot of the time goes to teaching technique, skills and depth training. Now I just have to stitch together classroom, apnea, dynamic, duck dive, equalization and add line orientation, turns and glides to tech free immersion and constant weight.

And after three weeks back in Thailand, Sarah certify me as an PADI Freediver instructor(just missing my EFR instructor) but I didn’t reach my requirements for Apnea International Instructor due to reverse blocs the day we were going out for my 40 meter dive and I’m also missing my 4min Static and 100m Dynamic.

But its not a problem! my goal was to get to master and now I have a goal for the next time I meet

and earn the right to teach Apnea International! All in all I am super happy about how far I got this winter! My technique is much better and I have the opportunity to teach Freediving when I travel in the winter and I don’t have to work my ass off all summer to survive the winter abroad!

It’s always hard the last days before I leave a place, having to say goodbye to so many amazing people! But I know in my heart that I will see most of them again somewhere in the deep blue!

A big thanks to

for my training! And to Mama (photo) for here good food and a room to stay!

The last day in Thailand was spend traveling to Krabi where I got a nice room again at Sleep easy and got to meat up with a friend from the last time I was in Thailand at

a really nice Reggae bar in the center of Krabi town.

Lots of Love

Joachim Larssen

The ShibbyTraveler.

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