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The waiting game

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

After 10 weeks back in Norway I am finally ready to start kayaking Norway!

The 10 weeks back in Norway have been spent working a lot, less than 24h after landing back in Norway I had secured my first job working for a staffing company called

where I got a lot of work helping out on different events. Helping out opening

was really fun! Norways biggest hotel and a crazy opening party hosted by the hotel king Petter Stordalen, they also send me to a ski resort working in the restaurant in

, absolutely the best accommodation I have had for us workers! And a weekend working on a food and beverage festival in Oslo Spektrum talking and serving different types of alcohol for

. And one awards gala at the

in Oslo. And I may I spent most of the time working back at

where I also worked 3 months before my trip to Thailand, It was nice being back with the amazing team that works there and the amazing atmosphere, the food is as good as it gets! Great beer cocktails and a big selection of beer! And I have also had a

. I Also made it down to my home town of Arendal where I got intervened by the Local paper

am my old workplace

where you get the best cocktails in town, thank you little sister for bringning me a copy.

Visited friends and helped out my father with preparing his boat Drømmen (Dream) for the summer, wax on wax off!

Easter dinner at moms and a trip to Sørumsand helping out my sister digging a long ditch along the house with good help from her husband and their children.

I even made it a short trip to Spain where I meet up with friends and one of my sponsors

where I got some bamboo clothing and a toothbrush for the trip made in bamboo. These products are grate and helps reduce plastic production so check out their home page!

And back in Norway I have manage to get

to help me out with their kayak Ymir on my journey around Norway, I’m so happy that the Goods and Norse blessed me with the kayak Ymir!

So now I hope I have everything I need for my journey, just missing a better sleeping bag and a wetsuit and this I will get when I get my paycheck on Friday and then I will start kayaking from Aker brygge in Oslo To the Swedish border where I will turn back to Engelsviken where I hope to kayak over to Tønsberg and make my way down the south of Norway and drop by my birth place Arendal and continue to Lindesnes where I start kayaking North hopfully making it all the way to 71 degrees North to Nordkapp and continue all the way to my goal Grense Jacobselv and


I’m still hoping to get some more sponsors to help out during the trip, some upgrades will be nice!

Also I want to challenge firms all over the world to offer an amount per KG trash we collect on the way to a good case! There are Volunteers all around the world that collect plastic from the ocean, these people do an amazing job making it look nice for you and at the same time save the life of an animal and the planet. I have joined movements like this on my travels but most of the time I just pick things on my way, I was planning to join the events of



but I had to stay focused on work and this project for now. If your company wants to help out and sponsor companies like this please wright me and I will add your company information to the website and guide you to a group like Plastic pirates that operates in Oslo or try to help you find a local one.

Now it is less than 48h left until I start kayaking from honnørbrygga, Aker Brygge, Oslo. Friday at 12am. Hope to see you on my way! In a kayak, where I camp, help me to clean up, freedivers and other nice people and as we say in Norway dette blir kooooooooos!

And a BIG thanks to family and friend for work, food, transport, equpment, bead and good company! This would not be possible without you!

Lots of Love

Joachim The ShibbyTraveler

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