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Part 22, Relaxing in amazing Tromsø and i am disqualified for cutting my beard!

Oppdatert: 6. mar. 2020

Day 106, I wake up at Kristina’s place and head on down to the festival office to get my festival passes for

, Rakettnatt is a city festival with stages and bars set up in downtown Tromsø. I get my passes within minutes and get an ok on not using shoes after a quick check with a manager, I have some hours to kill until the festival starts so I do some shopping and head on back to Kristina. At 1530 the shift starts and I start at the vine bar where we serve thirsty guests and as it gets later in the day I am moved over to the Mack Bar with beer made from Mack’s microbar mmmmmmm.

During my shift some friends drop bye and I am offered a hear cut from Linda while Siri wants to meet up tomorrow at the festival. It is always nice to work at a festival! People are happy and smiling!

Day107 After a chill morning I head down to Celius frisør for my haircut, but first we sit and talk for a while, we agree on what to cut and not to do anything about the length of the beard and I must say that I am super happy with the result! Thank you Linda!

But little did I know that I had gotten a

in the natural category, this was made public 30 hours later and one hour later I was disqualified for cutting it! The goods must be having a lot of fun setting this up hahahahah. After the cut we head on down to a Asian restaurant for some food with Linda and Terje. Super nice to catch up with you! Later I meet up with Siri at the concert but it is a little too crowded for me so after an hour I head on back to Kristina for the night.

Day108 I was planning to continue today but I needed to wright part 21 and I had forgotten to dry my sleeping bag so I stay for one more day and after i am done Kristina takes me for a drive true the amazing mountains out to Sommerøya and a good dinner at the Restaurant out there, good but small dishes, I understand why they call it summer island, lots of sandy beaches and small Islas, the gopro is having some problems the last days so there is not much photos from the last days. This island got a lot of attention when they announced that they wanted to make the island a

, interesting but it was probably just a publicity stunt.

Day109 Kristina gives me a ride in the morning to Tromsø Havpadleklub where Trond helps me to get the kayak out and I say my thanks and goodbyes to him and Kristina!

I now make my way North on the west side of Tromsøya and as I leave Tromsø I start heading north east over Ullsfjorden to Lattervik where I set up camp for the night.

I was hoping to make it to Blaaisvannet but it gets dark at night now and I am to late maybe in the morning if I get up in time!

Distance for the day 24,4 nautical miles, trash in water x1 and on land x2

Want to kayak Norway? Do it in a

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Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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