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A new goal, The Swedish coast! Trip of 2022 part3

We are back in Sweden for part3, and we are headin south on day 40 and we pass Helsingborg and do over 50km by the time I set up camp on the beach for the night.

See full route her MapShare (

The next day the sky is full of dark clouds so we stay close to land again.

When we reached Malmø pire I saw a bright flash only around 2-3km away so I got my ass into the pire and found a spot between the rocks in the pire and set up my tarp above me just in time for the rain to pour down on me.

It took an hour before the lightning clouds passed and after some shopping in town we continued going south and find a nice place to camp right before the bridge to Denmark at a small boat association for the night.

On day 42 I have the choice to go through Höllviken kanal or the natural way around. I always prefer going the natural way if i can and today it's just a mild wind!

What meets me around Falsterbo is pure magic!!!

Many hundred seals running for the water and heading for us making waves around us and I can feel they tapp under Ymir and gather a little further out and follow us along the coast until we come to another seal colony and they head out for the sea and us playing around us tapping Ymir.

As we keep going i can feel a tap now and then and it seems like they are playing a game, tapp the bot just like in finding Nemo and after tapping they head into shore so the group that follow me just gets smaller and smaller until they all are gone after 90 minutes and then it was just Ymir and me again.

We keep going and find a nice spot for the night at Trelleborg.

I start the day in the worst way! I found a tix deep in my navel hole, luckily I had a tweezer and pulled it out and burned it!

We start kayaking and Just as planned we pass the swedish south point at Smygehuk at 1st of June and i have 45 days left until i am supposed to be back at work.

According to my calculations i have more than enough time to make it all the way to Haparanda by the Finnish border so i make my new goal public on my sosial media and keep going.

Lots of dark clouds today, the closest lightning was around 20km away so I stayed close to land, checked the lightning app and watched the movement of the clouds and we stopped and camp right before Ystad.

I set up my hammock and right next to me I set up my solar cell to charge and fall asleep for a little while, by the time I wake up it is gone! I really don't understand why people can't just let other people's shit be!

I have to admit that I get a little irritated when this happens but I trust in Karma to take care of people that do this!

I woke up to a cold wind from the south that will get stronger during the day so I get an early start. it's a little rough so I took a short shopping break in Ystad.

when we get out again it is starting to get wilder, 10m/s vind with 16 in the gusts and waves around a meter at the highest.

After a little while of fighting the waves we surf our way into land, I am starting to feel more comfortable with beach landings but this time I thought we would hit the beach nose first but it went well.

When I am preparing my camp I see the wind surfers go out to play.

We are off before 10 and the sea has calmed a little during the night and the wind is turning more SW-W, every turn we make the more help we get from the wind.

We make our stop at Skillinge, i don't have much power left and need to charge my equipment and at the same time get a nice shower and wash my clothes and equipment.

I stay until the sun is almost down and continue some km to our camp for the night at beautiful Brantvik.

At this time i know i have a grope of three men in front of me and Joakim have splitted up with Johanne so he is also in front of me while Johanne are behind me with her new partners Victoria and Jan Olof.

Day 46 I wake up to the humming sounds of bees and start packing down my camp for the night. While I pack down I hear something running against me from behind. I turn and see horses coming against me and stop to check out the new guy.

e36sxA perfect start to the day!

I get started on today's lap but after around 30 minutes I note that I have forgotten my reserve paddles so I paddle my way back, find the paddle and say goodbye to the horses.

Along the coast I suddenly see someone familiar, It is my old friend Carl that is waving me into land, super nice to see you again Brother!

After a marathon of kayaking, it's time to set up camp on the beach for the night.

And a simple verson of a green curry for dinner.

When I wake up at 430 i am not sure I am still dreaming! The view is so magical, I get out my camera and snap a photo before I fall asleep again for 5 more hours.

Magical moring!

Nice and calm day in the sun so I make time for lunch and ice cream before I end the day just as the sun goes down at Korksvik after 67km.

Another good day and we make it all the way to Aspøya before we set up camp, almost out of battery today, I am now right outside of Karlskrona where I am planning to get some charging and equipment in the morning. (lost day)

Day 49 and I use the rest of my power to memorize my route before my power runs out. It's a short trip to Karlskrona and I found a spot to park just by Bellamare, a nice cafe, nice music and staff that had no problem letting me leve equipment for charging while I went shopping.

Food, gass, water and I even found a new solar cell panel at the sports shop so I was super happy with my visit to town.

I make the turn around Torshamn and now I have a northern heading mostly for the rest of the trip, my favorite direction! I was not that lucky with testing a new energy bar, tasted terrible fake blueberry and to get the taste out of my mouth I took a big sip of my Møllers tran.

I pass a beautiful ship and find a peaceful place to camp for the night.

We are now on day 50! all 50 days sleeping outside without a tent.

Just chilling in my Ticket to the moon and tar, I love it!

Here are some good reasons to leave your tent at home!

After a long day of kayaking it is so much better for a tired body to lie down in a hammock!

Getting off the ground does miracles for keeping dry and you can use your tow line to dry clothes under your tarp.

And a better view !!!!

Another good tip is to get my soap from Dr Bronner's! I use it for everything from personal hygiene, washing clothes and all other equipment!

And as always a big thanks to my team! Norse for the magical kayak Ymir, LevelSix with the amazing drysuit Odin, Silva for Navigation and keeping equipment dry with drybags, Aquabound sendt me their paddle Whiskey that now is my Nr1 paddle!

And last out that have equipment from all mentioned above! Thank you all!!

More info about my trips check out my Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube as ShibbyTraveler.

See full route her MapShare (

Lots of Love

Joachim the ShibbyTraveler

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